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Interior Design: Create A Vanity Table Area

Updated on January 16, 2013


Creating a space for a vanity table is making a spot that's just for you. Knowing it's there waiting for you, you might stay a little longer next time and have a great cup of coffee. Maybe you'll even try some of those make-up tricks you've been reading about. It's also a place you can sit and take a facial, or do your eyebrows. You'll find once you have this private space set aside you'll find more and more things to do there.

Believe me having a place to get ready that's away from the center of things is great. That's what my vanity table area is for me. I've set aside an area in my dressing room for my table. I've got a mirror on the wall and a little table and seat. If the table you choose to use isn't going up against a wall, try attaching a mirror to the back side of the tabletop. When it comes to the seat try and find one with storage inside. You can keep your tablet, your curling iron, or anything else in there you may need to have handy.

Having a special area to put on my make-up and do my hair is wonderful. It makes me feel like I'm not taking so long to get ready everyday. It's just a stage I go to when it's time, right before I leave. I'ts so much easier getting ready sitting down, and I don't feel as rushed.

It also makes me feel like I'm in an old Western sitting at my make-up table with lace all around only to be visited by rustic cowboys. It is an old fashioned thing. I feel like I'm in a movie. It is a place though that I enjoy sitting while I get ready for my day. I love the idea that it takes some time to be beautiful. This is a spot where that can happen. I never get up from my vanity table and feel bad. I always get up feeling great. Like I'm putting my best foot , or as the case may be, best " face" forward.

Make sure to include all of the things that remind you to relax: Lace, ruffles, pretty colors, flowers, plants, bling, video, music, photos of attractive men, whatever you like.

Sitting at a vanity table is also a place to update your status on your social media, return phone calls that are pending, and daydream. It's a spot just for you.


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    • ALL4JESUS profile image

      ALL4JESUS 4 years ago from USA

      Personal space is critical to our everyday lives. I lost my vanity table to our home office and I am still in mourning. I miss the convenience, I miss the time alone, I miss the tiny little drawers and many options.

      I did purchase a jewelry box to house my hair items. For you see, the Victorian home we have doesn't have the same space as my modern day homes.

      I miss my vanity mirror and will be purchasing a lighted vanity mirror.

      Any suggestions?