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Home Improvement Trends -Texture Coating in Walls

Updated on February 10, 2011

Home Decoration Trends

This is a hub for those whose love their house, those who are planning to build or renew their house. This hub explains the latest trends & fashion to be followed at each stage from house planning till house warming. This hub contains things that you have to bear in mind when doing texture coating on walls.

‘Texture coating’ is a new technique to increase the beauty of the walls. In this way, ordinary cement walls can be made to look nice like rock stone walls or red sand stone walls. It is difficult toidentify even if we touch the walls. That is the kind of finish this has. Texture coating the living room, outer walls etc. is the latest trend.

stone finish texture coatings
stone finish texture coatings

Texture coating

‘Texture coating’ can be done in different finishes like rock stone, red sand stone, granite, wood &special effects. To tell the truth texture coating is like giving the wall an outer dress. For this we use paste –like ‘polymer acrylic’ substance. It has a white mixed with ash color look. The first step is to apply thissubstanceon to the wall. It is applied using compressor, roller having 1-4 mm thickness. Just before this sets, we use special kind of tool, roller on its surfaceand make in a finish we require. Skilled workers usually do this work. Texture coating process is complete after coating an emulsion paint of our choice.

Within 8-10 minutes the texture will set. There is no hassle of wetting the texture coat after application. For newly built houses, we can do texture coating on walls without applying the paint. There is no need of applying white cement but instead we have to apply plaster in a smooth manner.

Beyond Walls

We can do texture coating on wood, plywood, marble, granite, plastic and also on metal surfaces. Since it is a permanent coating the texture coating has a long life. We have to be careful when we do texture coating on old walls with lime plastered on them. There is a chance of lime peeling off due to the weight of the coating. We should not do the coating where the wall is wet & moistened.

         We can do texture coating in a variety of finishes & colors. Depending on the surface of the texture we can determine what kind of finish the wall has. Texture is available in stone, metal, antique, tough plaster finishes.

          Stone finish & antique finish has the most demand. Stone finish is mostly used on the outer walls of the house, compound walls & pillars. Antique finish is mostly suited for old houses which are being renewed or in cases   where wood is mostly used. Texture which looks like antique wood will be mostly suited in hoses which are being renewed.

          Texture which can be used for different colors is mostly apt for the interior of the house. We can paint the walls with color of our choice using emulsion paint. But it is not possible to change the finish.

Cost Saving

One of the most important special features of texture coating is that we can give the walls rock stone or sand stone look at a cheaper rate, rather than constructing the walls using this stone. Not only that we can modify the old walls also in this manner.

         Another feature is that this job can be completed very fast. There is no time & money wasted on small scale repair works for texture coating. Since it is permanent coating its life is very long. There is no problem if the area is exposed to rain also. Since there is anti fungal coating, fungal growth is not seen on texture coated areas. We can also clean the area using water.

         Major companies provide a guarantee of 10-15 years for this coating. Texture coating is available in different rates starting from  2 to 4 $ Rs. per sq.feet. This charge includes the labor charge also.

        Those who like novelty & change can experiment with texture coating in different colors & designs according to their choice!


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      Textured Coating Removal 7 years ago


      Do you have any reccomendations of how to remove textured coatings from barns? I have a customer that has asked this question and would really like some help answering it.