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Home Improvements - Striped Walls

Updated on May 29, 2015

Striped walls offer a world of design possibilities but sadly we rarely think of add strips. Join us as we explore a new world of walls - wall with design possibilities made only with strips. See first hand bold design and subtle designs. Take a close look at the tone on tone options and see various applications in many different settings beyond children's rooms, see living rooms, master suites, formal entries and stay tune til the end for the beyond bold displays of strips sometimes even going in different directions.

Our purpose here is not how to create the stripes, our purpose is to choose the design you aspire to and wish to create on your walls.

I was taught at my first corporate job the importance of high quality walls in office decoration. Yes, we had a corporate mandate we must spend x number of dollars on the walls. Plain walls were not acceptable by upper management. That mandate has helped me in decorating my various homes. While my favorite wall treatment was the suede walls, suede walls in the virtual world might be difficult to convey. I will attempt shortly after this hub but for now let's consider the possibilities of striped paint. Yes, just simple striped paint.

Striped paint can offer a vast array of possibilities in color and design. Some designs are very subtle, some designs are frankly bold, and then there are other designs I consider "beyond bold", they make such a strong statement only a few exceptional personalities in the world would even consider let alone have in their home.

Subtle Tone on Tone Striped Walls

Subtle Tone on Tone Striped Walls
Subtle Tone on Tone Striped Walls | Source

Subtle Tone on Tone Striped Wall Design

This design is one of my favorites and is reminiscent of the Victorian era and the heavy silk brocade of wallpaper. To me this is very french in nature and can offer a very inexpensive (if you are the DIY type) yet ultra luxurious feel to the design of a room.

One of the places I have seen this used exceptionally well is in large foyers where you want that expansiveness of space but you want to convey the warmth of a friendly welcome.

One of the prettiest designs I ever saw was in a former Governor's mansion and this technique was use in a vanilla, cream tone to offset the glow of the sconces and the stairway.

However, this technique is not just for mansions, I feel this design element offers allot for any home, any style.

One Stripe or Two or Three

While the possibilities are endless and we cannot cover everything, one of the designs that I especially like is the more intricate design of the horizontal with subtle tones but with the stripe edged in another color. This is more complicated but it give it a wow factor.

Our Victorian home has the bedroom in blue stripes but the blue and white stripes if you look closely are not just blue and white, there is a tiny stripe of blush/cream color in between. Yes, effectively the look is of two stripes - white and blue but the real design has a tiny subtle blush add in. Very elegant. Allot more labor but it really makes the room pop.

Now that I have said that remember, some of the best designs are on focal walls. You don't have to cover the room in stripes on all four walls. For instance, our master suite has two opposing walls. Essentially the wall with main window is plain as well as where we have placed our headboard. Those walls already have a focal point and adding in stripes would 1.) clutter the design and 2.) take away the impact of the headboard and the focal window.

For you see, stripes seem simple and for those whose careers are in design striped walls may be simple but to bring the entire concept together takes some careful thought.

Explore the Design Possibilities with Paint

Yes, paint alone can craft a home's design. Yet, how to apply that paint is beyond the scope of this article. Yes, you will need painters tape and all the fixings for painting. However, the demands that striped walls require are really rather fundamental.

The design is the killer. Yes, the design can either make or break you. Do know exactly what you want. Do try out a sample board and place it in the room you are considering.

Lighting can change the color and the very feel of paint.

Here are a few design ideas for your consideration:

  • Subtle Tone on Tone
  • Subtle Vertical Stripes
  • Subtle Horizontal Stripes (yes, they do work and amazingly well - as you shall see!)
  • Bold Stripes
  • Beyond Bold (you must have the right place and the right personality to carry some of these extremes as a design element in your home)

Vertical in Subtle Colors

striped walls with waincoting
striped walls with waincoting
striped walls
striped walls
striped walls
striped walls | Source
striped walls in a bedroom
striped walls in a bedroom | Source

Horizontal in Subtle Colors

horizontal striped walls in a basement in yellow tones
horizontal striped walls in a basement in yellow tones | Source
horizontal striped walls in a kitchen
horizontal striped walls in a kitchen | Source
horizontal pink striped walls in a nursery
horizontal pink striped walls in a nursery | Source

Bold Designs in Vertical Stripes

bold striped walls in black and white with a stairway runner in disctincitve black and white
bold striped walls in black and white with a stairway runner in disctincitve black and white | Source

Beyond Bold Design Ideas

over the top striped walls in black and white
over the top striped walls in black and white | Source
elegant black and white striped walls
elegant black and white striped walls | Source
vibrant red and horizontal white striped walls
vibrant red and horizontal white striped walls | Source

How to Paint Vertical Stripes

Success of Stripes is in the Preparation - Design Your Room with Sample Board

Study the room, sketch your room, measure the width of each wall and sketch the stripes so that you don't end up with stripes over lapping. The video from Home Depot does a great job on how to sketch out your project and how to craft the sample board and much more.

Planning the stripe, especially around the corner is critical. While my walls do not adjoin, for stripes that overlap from wall to another you want to start and know where you are ending.

This Home Depot video gives you fantastic tips to avoid unnecessary touch ups.

Bold Designs and Consider Function Foremost in your Designs

The bold designs to me say look at me but don't stay - remember me well but I am not a room to sit and chat a spell. The bold designs in a child's room, however, if carefully crafted can evoke "play". I would recommend keeping the function foremost in your design. A playroom with bright colorful stripes is appropriate, a bedroom needs tranquility. Seek a stripe that caters to the activity of the room and you will have years of enjoyment from that painted stripe wall.

Bathrooms Foyers and More

And there you have it - a plethora of design options all with the one simple theme - striped walls.

While a striped wall not be in your future, do closely consider the effort you put on the walls in your home. Oftentimes, in home decorating the tiny details will pay big dividends in how you enjoy your home.

I prefer a room to invite me. To go back to my very first employer and to plan on spending x number of dollars on the walls is not feasible for most of us but what is feasible is to give the walls a strong consideration.

Yes, we all look for the granite counter tops and the wood floors - like me, you too are probably tired of hearing out this. Counter tops and flooring are essential elements but if you have the time and the funding, do design your walls so that they convey the feeling you wish to invoke in your room.

What is your favorite design idea?

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Are You Inspired to Try Striped Walls? Are You Ready for Striped Wall Success?

Are You Inspired to Try Striped Walls? Are You Ready for Striped Wall Success? Please share with us below your thoughts and experiences. Have you seen a room with striped painted walls that called out to you and inspired you? What were your feelings?

© 2014 Ken Kline


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    • CelebrateUSA profile image

      Ken Kline 3 years ago from Chicago, Illinois


      Thank you so much for stopping by. You bring to our attention an important design element that cannot be replayed in photos or adequately in words. The camera does a great job but will not capture the "effect" that the wall texture lends to the room.

      I have a fascination with gloss ceilings. I believe gloss paint is under utilized. I am so glad you mentioned these details.

      I am planning on covering our ceiling in wood, paint it white gloss for the high reflective nature. But no hub could ever describe this gloss effect adequately.

      Isn't it amazing the web, the camera help us almost everywhere but real life remains the true test?

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 3 years ago from the short journey

      This look at using stripes on walls has helpful info for anyone considering the option.

      I've used stripes in my own home and in others' spaces. It's always interesting to work out the details. One of my favorite projects was for a room dedicated to piano lessons where the lower half of 3 walls and one full wall was painted dark blue in a satin finish. I then marked out the stripes and painted a clear coat of glossy finish that gave a really nice effect. In my own dining room, however, I used a yellow gold on the lower half of the entire room, marked out the stripes and went over them with a sponged effect of a very light cream color. Everyone liked it a lot, but when we took pictures, it looked like a circus tent! Oh well… :)

    • CelebrateUSA profile image

      Ken Kline 3 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      Hi Peachpurple,

      Yes, they do! Talk about extreme stripes! That one I would not recommend but it does showcase allot of a good thing can perhaps be too much!

      The others are very subtle. I prefer the tone on tone stripes. In fact, any wall design I feel is better suited to subtlety.

      When I worked at a Fortune 100 company they had a rule about the baseline for the walls. Yes, they mandated expensive walls! Why? Because the walls spoke to the success of the office. I never forgot that rule and hope to apply that rule once again in the home we now have.

      My former home had decorative paint in suede that I loved. Amazingly, the touch up was simple. And my office was in brown suede which with the vaulted ceilings I greatly enjoyed. But I must say it would never have worked if that room didn't have allot of light.

      Walls are imported but good lighting is really the determining factor of a room.

    • CelebrateUSA profile image

      Ken Kline 3 years ago from Chicago, Illinois


      I know and completely agree! Talk about over the top stripes! Most of the stripes were very subtle but the zebra was the extreme! Thank you for sharing!

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      wow, the zebra stripes gave me a headache!