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Classy Home Improvements for a Basement

Updated on October 26, 2012

Basements are some of the biggest eye sores in a home. They are usually damp and dark with spiders, webs, and old boxes lying around collecting dust, but they do not have to be. Basements can be turned into a beautiful family room, game room, or even an extra bedroom. Basements only look scary and dreary because it is the less used room in a house. Most people use basements for storage or to place their washers and dryers in when they do not have any other room in the house.

People looking for a home improvement job can make their home sell even faster. Changing a basement into an elegant and classy area can bring up the price of a home. Just walking down to a basement and looking around can start bringing great ideas for a new look. Once a basement is clean from all cobwebs and damp water, it can start to look promising.

What most basements need the most of is adequate lighting. Lighting for any room can make all the difference. A basement with a low wattage light bulb can make it look daunting and frightening. Adding a new light fixture with a more powerful light bulb can make it look open, friendly, and inviting.

The first thing to add to a basement is either tile flooring or carpeting. Tile flooring might be best if the basement is known to become flooded during rainy weather. Carpeting can make a basement look more inviting and warm.

Adding new cabinets can change the appearance of a basement. Cabinets and shelves can bring out the warmth of a basement, and make it seem more livable. If a person wants to turn their basement into a game room, they can add a pool table and a foosball table. Adding a wet bar with glasses and drinks, stools, a pool table, dart board, shelves, stereo system, cabinets, and a sofa can completely transform a basement into one of the most used rooms in a house. When families do not have room in the home for a game room, changing a basement into one is the best way to make use of a great home.

Changing a basement into a den where family members can go to get some privacy is another great use for a basement. People can put a big screen television, an easy chair, end table, and an electric fireplace that will change a basement into a nice place to disappear to for a few hours.

A basement can also be changed into a work study, a work room, or a lab. A basement can be the main place where a person works on school projects, or even an art room. There are hundreds of ideas that a person can use for their basement that can give them a quiet place to do their work.

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  • whitton profile image

    whitton 7 years ago

    Nice Hub. I agree that tile flooring for a basement is the best way to go.