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Home Inspectors are a Scam

Updated on March 8, 2012

American Corruption On Display

The older I get and the longer I am forced to witness the corruption capitalism breeds the more I see my own great nation as nothing more than an organization bent on the slow, monetary subjugation of its citizens. What am I talking about?

Let me give you a small window on the things that I have witnessed when it comes to home inspectors. You know, the mysterious person the home owner pays to say their house doesn't need any work and the other guy the home buyer hires to confirm that? That's right. Nothing more than a scam perpetrated against tax paying citizens and i have the misfortune of being a victim of this farce.

My sweetheart and I had a limited budget so we knew we were going to have to buy an imperfect home that may need some work. That was no problem, we were fine with that. Only, we needed to know what was wrong with the house to know what needed fixing, right? What we didn't expect was to find a home in our price range, at the very limit actually, that apparently did not need much work.

We walked inside the two bedroom rancher with a gas fireplace and a two car garage and were blown away. It was really nice inside although we could see that some of the siding had been done by amateurs and would need to be painted or redone. Not a problem when everything else seemed so nice. Key word kids, seemed. Indeed, not all things are as they seem.

The home owner clearly paid her inspector a healthy sum to lie, lie and lie some more. We then had to hire our own inspector, who then entered the home without our presence, and came out confirming what the owner's inspector reported.

The only thing I can conclude, after much logical deliberation mind you, is that either my inspector was a complete incompetent or he too took a nice pay off from the home owner to lie, lie and lie some more.

Now, I will take part of the blame since we were desperate at that time for a place to go. Literally we had no time. I took the Inspector's report as doctrine and signed my life away on the dotted line of doom. Its something I never wanted to do. I always said that when you buy a home you are just setting yourself up to become a slave to the system. Freedom out the window, forget your dreams its what you have to do not what you want to do.

As a long haired malcontent this is the worst possible situation to place myself in but I did it for love. A noble cause to be sure and not one I regret, though there are days when i want to take myself out back and beat some sense into me.

Where shall I begin? I mean, I could go on all day telling you about the things that were hidden from our eyes, supposedly unnoticed by these well paid inspectors that we were legally forced to hire. I wont. I'll just tell you about the big stuff.

How about there was no insulation in the wall that separates the Living room and the garage? How about above the drop ceiling in the living room? They didn't notice that there was no ceiling above it and it was open to the attic? Yes, I kick myself all the time. I should have taken a look for my own gratification but in truth I was a meek first time home buyer and I was really unsure of myself in this. We paid someone to do these things and they did not get done.

We bought the home in october. It was a warm fall and it wasn't until the real cold hit that we noticed the draft sweeping through. When I say draft, folks, I mean you better wear a sweater because it was cold!

Those were big things that someone like myself couldn't just fix real quick. I had already spent the last of my saved up cash on the little things the house needed. I had literally nothing left. We had nothing left. Thankfully public gas and electric noticed how high our bills were and decided they should come over and run a test. It turned out our home was like a block of old Swiss cheese with holes everywhere.

Because of our situation we were able to get help. They helped us and insulated the attic, the wall between the garage and the living room and the ceiling above was built and insulated as well. I thank god that for every scam perpetrated by so-called businesses and businessmen there are programs to help the beleagured. In truth, in my rage, if we had no help in this, I cannot say what we would have done. I never gave much credence to the Vengeance is mine, sayeth the lord thing. As far as I am concerned, not if I get a hold of the bastard first.

This mindset has no place in the system I have allowed myself ot fall victim to. the more you stand up for yourself the more leverage they have against you. Why? Because the way the system is set up, once you kneel to it you are forced to utilize it in everything you do. Freedom gone and your balls may as well be chew toys for all the good they do you.

It was clear to the contractors who had entered and worked on our home that it had been put together with industrial masking tape. That tape was now wearing off and our troubles had just begun.

The heating and Ac system were twenty years old. According to PSE&G it should never have passed inspection. The water heater was cracked on the bottom, the past home owners knew this because there was a subtly placed pan beneath it that gathered the slowly dripping water. Why did that pass inspection?

All those things we then had to take care of. PSE&G put us on a long budget and while we paid our bills we also slowly paid off the cost of these new appliances and the cost of having them installed. Done? Oh, no. I am far from done.

Do you smell gas? Yeah, I do, but then it goes away and I am not so sure. I can't tell where it is coming from. Maybe its just our imagination.

No. Not our imagination. Just our inexperience with gas fireplaces.

So, there I was with a long lighter trying to light the gas fireplace. It had always been stubborn in that regard but now it was getting impossible. Wait, do you smell gas?

That was when we decided we better call the gas company. Thank the lord we were at least smart enough to do that. The gas man showed up during an eagles playoff game and his gadget literally freaked when it went near the fireplace. His eyebrows raised in alarm and he began walking around the house in order to check all other options before coming back to the gas fireplace.

Turns out the gas feed pipe had not two but three separate holes in it. The works were degraded to such a level only a major overhaul would allow us to safely utilize it again. We simply asked that he find the valve that would turn off the gas to the fireplace completely. Later we then had it capped off.

How close to dying were we? Anyone want to guess because I sure don't want to think about it.

Good old home inspectors not doing their job cost us every last bit of our savings. Put us at each other's throats playing the blame game to the point that we could barely stand each other, and then very nearly cost us our lives.

All the while this was a situation caused by two people, supposed professionals being paid to do a supposedly important service. Now, like I said in the beginning. either they were completely incompetent. Both of them. Or they took the old payoff to shut up and smile your way out the door. I bet on the payoff.

Before this time in my life I had heard precautionary tales about just this sort of thing. I feared it might happen to me and it did but because of the system that protects supposed professionals I had no way to protect myself or find satisfaction.

Just recently I heard Governor Christi had gone on a rant about home inspectors and their like being a big part of the real estate issues in our country. Someone must have whispered something in his ear about this because you know rich guys with power aren't having these sort of problems. Will anything change? I doubt it since the Inspectors are contractors and they are outside of regulation.

As long as people allow their greed to override their honor and dignity as professionals everyday people like you and I are going to suffer. Meanwhile the rich 1% acts like nothing is wrong. They do not care about our problems yet they are the ones in charge!!!!??? I fear until that fact changes American citizens will continue to be the victim of a system prepped and greased for only one percent of the population.

Because I am not a politician i do not know what can be done or how things should be approached. I'm old school. I want someone to get the hell beat out of'em as an example to others. Without consequences the Inspectors and their ilk will continue to take payoffs and turn a blind eye. We as Americans must stop staring at the damned TV and get into the courts. We have to make a stand.

Now, some of you might say that we make our stand at polls. I say you are blind and insane. Insanity is defined as someone who attempts the same method to accomplish something over and over although that method fails. That method has clearly failed. We need a new direction and the first thing that has to be eliminated is the greedy rich bastards who have led us all down this dark and ill trodden path in the first place. Capitalists, greed driven pricks that they are, must change their neighbor killing mindset and think of the nation rather than just self.

Let me stop. My soap box isn't all that sturdy and i think I hear the cops coming. Lord knows whose side they are on.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Sometimes desperation Trump's preparation. That was the case here, my girlfriend and her children were close to homelessness I had to pull that trigger. Of course I regret it now but the situation demanded action. I have a right to be angry, regardless. If someone wants to be considered a professional then is it wrong to expect them to act professionally?

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Like any professional you have to research to find someone of quality. The problem is there are no regulations on home inspectors in most states so we get a bad rep. but I will have you know that not all are bad and it is a good idea to hire one. Now I know it is true that most inspectors don't know a damn thing some do and I personally know all about heating systems, electrical systems, plumbing systems and much much more as I used to be a home service technician. so don't say we know nothing. I also do property record searches and investigate the history of the home for the client to see how many times it has sold or if it has been flipped or is way over priced. Most inspectors don't even know how to do this. Some do. Just do your research and when in iowa hire me.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      All home inspectors are scammers not just a few of them that are bad apples. They don't know anything about heating and ac, insect problems, flooding or water issues, plumbing, or appliances. They will refer you to a specialist for any of the issues with a home that actually matter. what they can tell you is if your paint is chipping or your doorknob is loose. Useless hacks. Inspect the home yourself.

    • profile image

      jj campbell 

      5 years ago

      Barnsy - You say the longer I am forced to witness the corruption capitalism breeds. The corruption bred by the Obama Administration Socialist, Communist,Facist, or whatever one might call this lawless Regime is far worst than any Capatalism might breed.

      How many have to die until we remember what we have already learned over a century ago. Modern liberalism is the worst disease of all… it doesn't merely get people killed, it takes down countries!will not matter who is the next President, the destruction of the middle class is now unstoppable. In order for Globalization under the ruling 1%

    • profile image

      Anthony Cioppa 

      5 years ago

      Hi I am a home inspector and did find some valid points to your story. For example the home inspector should have noted the age and condition of heating system. But will say this you should have read your report and ask your inspector questions if you are not sure or if other inspections may be needed. Most inspections do not cover the insulation and cosmetic issues and most likely appliances. Capitalists at fault I don't think so but GREED YES only on behalf of your self for wanting that home at that time so much you signed the dotted line right away . Even with the ability to notice some improper work from sellers, such as siding and painting. The work and price and age of home should have been an indication of the homes over all quality and condition. You should have at least read your report you paid for it.

    • Barnsey profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Everything in extreme ends badly, Banda, capitalism is no different. Extreme capitalism will not lead to a better nation, it will lead to its downfall. I understand things could be worse if...if I lived in another country, but guess what, I don't. I was born here and I will die here so this is all I know. I know things were simpler when there was less technology and more jobs, and did you notice all the cool gadgets everyone is carrying around and all the other great technological innovations all over the world, but there is still no cure for cancer? BS! Capitalism keeps disease alive, my friend, there is a lot of money to be made in the drug business, and they are lining the pockets of politicians everywhere.

      Complacency will lead to another monarchy or some other failed attempt at government, we must move forward or we will fall back!

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      While I don't like your slam on capitalism, I am glad you outed the scammer. I prefer to think of our system as requiring eternal vigilance. Without whistle blowers, the system would break down. What our system needs is effective laws to protect people who blow the whistle, and laws to give people like you the power to strike back at con men. If enough fear were there, they wouldn't try this kind of crap, no percentage. But since you'd have to hire a lawyer, and yadda-da... they feel safe. Technically this is fraud though, and should be publicly prosecuted. Although you do have a civil case, he did commit a criminal act. You should at least make out a police report, even if nothing ever happens.

      There's a loophole in our laws. It allows conmen to exist because although it's criminal to have corporate fraud and it's covered by the FCC and prosecuted, there are no prosecutors for petty fraud. If there were, it would be a 100% better country and the promise of capitalism would be shinier. I've lived under the planned theft of communism. You don't want that. Nobody does. Imagine if someone came to your house and decided your tv screen was too nice for you an should be redistributed? That kind of thing actually happened to hundreds of thousands of families in many countries during the switch from monarchy to communism. I find it mad that people slam capitalism. Why not fix it?

    • profile image

      Michael Holley Home Inspections 

      7 years ago

      Michael Holley Home Inspections conned me 3 weeks ago in toronto !!

      Holley Home Inspections is a scam!

    • Barnsey profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Happy Hunting Grounds

      Absolutely, you are right. I did not research much of anything, I was working long hours and trusted my girlfriend to take care of things, things fell apart from there. That being said, no need to be a dick, smarter than you! I was venting when I wrote this and haven't cried about it since. In case you haven't noticed there are no other hubs mentioning this in my library.

    • profile image

      smarter than you 

      7 years ago

      Most people do their research on things like mechanics, carpenters, plumbers, doctors, etc. Why the hell wouldn't you research a home inspector. All good home inspectors encourage their clients to partake in the inspection. But you wouldn't know that because you didn't do your homework. And all good inspectors carry insurance. And if they don't, you can still sue them. So stop your crying.!


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