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Home Interior Designing With Wallcoverings

Updated on June 16, 2011


Wallcoverings are like pieces of artwork that come in various patterns, designs, colors, print and texture. They are attractive supplies that offer numerous design alternatives for homes.

Home Interior Designing With Wallcoverings

Home interior designing with wallcoverings has become one of the most distinctive ways of self expression. Along with thousands of designs and patterns available on the marketplace, this particular product provides you the opportunity and freedom to express how you feel or like about the four walls of the house.

Present day wallcoverings are certainly not something that merely takes up the expanse of a blank wall. They are being used as accent walls to draw people's attention to a distinct feature in the room. This feature can be any element such as a vivid red vase or a beautiful bouquet of blooms placed on a dining table.

The current wallcoverings are generally user-friendly and they have a host of co-coordinating patterns and designs, edges and color schemes that enable you to produce a single interior design theme in your home. Research have shown that a tastefully decorated home can accomplish a 10% to 15% increase in property value. It also offers you other intangible values such as a cozy, good feel that is beyond measure, as you step into the house.

A wallcovering is a classic example of a home interior design decorating product which offers many different colors and textures. Their colors are unique and trendy. You can choose strong, eclectic patterns and sizzling colors such as crimson red, metallic silver, purple, eco-green and yellow for your walls. Diverse textures of wallcoverings are also available to feature a sense of depth, interest and details to a room. You probably can pick up stunning renditions of stone, granite, marble, vinyl, leather, timber grain, bricks, stucco and cork. Some other textures for instance wild mock crocodile skin or fake fur are also available.

With the current wide selection of wallcovering options out there, you would find it easy to establish any decoration you have in mind.. You can devise any home interior design ranging from contemporary to traditional and from rustic to the eclectic or something simply outrageous. Do not be afraid to try anything extraordinary because the wallcovering is not a permanent item in the house. You can easily remove it eventually.

If you love mother nature or outdoor, it is possible to choose a wallcovering featuring your favorite English garden or flowers. Should you have a hectic lifestyle, you probably may want a wallcovering that evokes feelings of relaxation, leisure and comfort, creating a santuary from your stressful life. You could be considering Asian-style wallcoverings which have designs of bamboo motifs, calligraphy, fans, and so forth or mural wallcoverings, depicting abstract shapes, scenes in action such as a busy street in London or a carousel in motion.

You may not need to acquire ready-made wallcoverings every time. You can, in fact build your own. For those who have kids who seem to love to scribble or draw, do this: convert a wall in your home into a chalkboard that can be written on and rubbed off. Paint that particular wall using a chalkboard paint and nail onto the wall a piece of wooden molding to act as a tray for the chalk and erasers. Your kids would love this wallcovering.

Another great wallcovering I considered that may possibly be superb for your kids is a cork board tile. Cork board tiles can be glued onto the wall surface using a special spray adhesive or epoxy. As soon as the wall is covered with the cork board tiles your kids can start tacking up pictures, posters, cards and notes. Your kids can redecorate the walls using various items from time to time. You need not have to worry about kids making holes in the walls.

Are you currently bored with your present walls? Is it time to get a re-do? Attempt something different this time. Express yourself and show forth your ingenuity in home interior designing with new wallcoverings.


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