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Home Invasion Defense: Help to Keep Your Home Burglar Free

Updated on June 13, 2015
Home Invasion Statistic: Every minute a home invasion or burglary takes place in the US.
Home Invasion Statistic: Every minute a home invasion or burglary takes place in the US. | Source

12 Steps You Can Take to Prevent Your Home from Being a Part of a Heist

Many cannot afford a 24 hour doorman to rely on protecting their home and their values, but many can take practical steps to ensure the safety of their property. Often this does not cause for spending thousands of dollars but using common sense and good judgment.

Here are 12 steps you can take to help protect your home from potential break-ins.

Get a good home security system

Investing in a good home security system is not a waste of money as some may think. This can prove as a good scare tactic to potential burglars in your area. While this is a good idea, it is not a good idea to display who your security company is. Many robbers have special devises that can override certain security systems, so try to avoid announcing which company you have.

Close your curtains

While many love to window shop, burglars love it too! Leaving your curtains or your blinds open invites thieves to take a peek at what you have. To prevent this, close your blinds and or curtains so that all don't know what you have inside.

Discard your boxes don't display them

Many have the tendency to sit their brand new, empty merchandise boxes out by the garbage. Have you ever been riding through a neighborhood and see big screen television boxes on the trash? Yeah, so why is this a problem? Well, this lets everyone in the neighborhood know what you've just purchased and have in your home. It is also an open invitation to a robber; it is as if you are saying, "Hey, look at what I have!" Instead of displaying your boxes you could try ripping them up and placing them directly into your garbage can or a dumpster. This will ensure you don't attract any unwanted attention to your home.

Put equipment and toys away

Having these items just lying around your yard could suggest that you have more expensive valuables on the inside of your home as well. You could try putting the kid's toys away when they're not in use and any equipment that you may have outside your home.

Don't place the key under the mat

Everybody knows about the key being placed under the mat, so how about placing the spare key somewhere else that others would not think to look. It may sound like common sense, but some people still hide their key under their mat.

Maintain good lawn care

Maintaining a well-kept lawn can also discourage a break in. Often if a lawn is not cared after, it could give the impression that the owners are out of town. So to be sure to keep your grass mowed and cut. Also, if you are going to be out of town, you can have someone do this for you.

Lock the garage door

Often the garage door is left unlock. Many don't suspect that anyone will try to break in through this door, but that is not true. 30 percent of robbers enter a home without force or through an unlocked entrance. You should never underestimate a robber. All doors and windows to your home should be kept locked.

No newspaper pile up

If you are going to be away on travel, make arrangements for a trusted friend to pick up your newspaper and mail every day for you. This will help to avoid a pile up of mail and newspapers on your lawn which can indicate to a burglar you are not home.

Set timers

If you plan to be away, you can set your television to turn on and off at specific times. This will give the impression that someone is home.

Watch Dog

Having a "beware of the dog" sign posted is not enough, you need an actual dog. Dogs bark and can make a lot of noise, so this can work to deter someone who plans on burglarizing your home.

Motion sensor lights

This can work as a good way to distract and scare off a potential robber.

Pretend play

You can pretend as if you a robber and try to break into your own home. It may sound off but it could really help you to see what areas of your home are more vulnerable to robbers and needs more looking into.


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    • Ayeshafarid profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      Hello I checked your hubs nice information. I am also a stay at home mom and your hubs are very interesting and informative on various topics around home management and care of the family.


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