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Home Legend Bamboo Flooring Review

Updated on January 24, 2018
Home Legend bamboo flooring is a great option for anyone hoping to spruce up their interior design a little bit with new floors. Easy to install and durable, it's also beautiful.
Home Legend bamboo flooring is a great option for anyone hoping to spruce up their interior design a little bit with new floors. Easy to install and durable, it's also beautiful. | Source

Engineered Laminate Bamboo Flooring for your Home

For any renovation project, laminate flooring is a great option for an easy flooring upgrade. A great new material for that is bamboo, and it's getting more and more popular these days, for good reason. Bamboo flooring is a beautiful, durable and ecologically friendly way to improve your floors, and at a decent price too.

Home Legend bamboo flooring is especially lovely, and they have really perfected the art of turning ordinary bamboo into hardy, lovely and elegant flooring solutions for any color scheme, style or taste preference. They've used bamboo's natural ability to mimic virtually any type of hardwoord floor to their advantage, producing a great line of products in a variety of price points.

This article is all about Home Legend bamboo flooring, and we'll review the options they have available. Before we get into the specific brands and types, we'll touch on bamboo flooring in general and what you can reasonably expect from the product. We'll compare Home Legend bamboo flooring to other products on the market and see how it compares.

Let's get going!

Laminate Bamboo Flooring: Notable Features

Before we get into the specifics of Home Legend's engineered bamboo flooring, we should talk about the product in general to give you a sense of what it's all about. Basically laminate bamboo flooring is a substance created by compressing bamboo fibers into a mold and then treating it in a certain way that brings out various colors and textures. The 'wood' is then treated and laminated to keep it sealed and protected.

Laminate bamboo flooring is molded in a way that lets it 'click' together with great ease. This means that anyone can install home legend bamboo flooring, or any laminate flooring for that matter, in a snap. All you need is a simple saw and basic handyman skills.

Because it it compressed, bamboo laminate flooring is both durable and flexible. It can handle a bit more abuse than pure bamboo, and it resists scratching and water damage. It's not impervious, but it will stand up to the ordinary rigors of the home.

Different floor colors and textures are achieved by various degrees of carbonization. Carbonized bamboo flooring has essentially been heat treated in order to darken the texture. The longer it is heated, the darker it gets, so a great deal of woods can be mimicked.

For more information regarding laminate bamboo flooring and the carbonization process, check out my bamboo flooring review article (will post link later).

Home Legend Bamboo Flooring: A Few Varieties

Here are some examples of great Home Legend bamboo floors you can buy and easily install. You'll notice that the company has made efforts to replicate the appearance and texture of wood as closely as possible, even following a 'plank' format for their laminate panels. The result is it should closely mimic a real hardwood floor.

Home LegendsPassportCollection:

The Passport Collection is a nice set of basic flooring choices, in a few popular wood colors such as natural, walnut and chestnut. They are available in a smooth or hand scraped texture (so it appears naturally carved), and they really resemble wood! You will be impressed with this laminate bamboo product, and it's a must see in person.

Home Legends Renew & Restore Collection:

This collection of Home Legends bamboo flooring is intended to fit with a vintage, antique or restored look, a really classic aesthetic that will really stand out. With warm wood tones such as honey, harvest and tiger, your home will have that classic, restored look to it in no time. Definitely one to check out.

Home Legends Coastal Collection:

The Coastal Collection was inspired by the seashore and coastline, and it is intended to remind the owner of that same feeling. There are a lot of deep, natural colors and textures in this product, and it will give a profound, natural and inspiring feel. For the more natural and exotic, check out this fine collection.

Home Legends bamboo flooring comes in a lot of different shapes, styles and colors, and it would be difficult to list them all here, so I suggest doing your research and visiting the website to browse. One thing that is certain for every one of their offerings, they are durable, beautiful, and will increase the value and enjoyment of your home immensely.

Good Luck!

Home Legend Bamboo Flooring Review: Care, Features and Options

When it comes to bamboo flooring, Home Legend is a fantastic choice for a lot of reasons. First off, the company is well known for producing a quality floor product even outside of its bamboo offerings. There are literally thousands of options for flooring out there; what Home Legend brings to the table is quality and proprietary technology intended to improve the experience of the buyer in installation and use.

A major concern for many people when choosing laminate flooring is durability, and Home Legends bamboo flooring takes this into consideration. Since bamboo is actually a grass and not a wood, they have taken extra care to coat it 7 times with a coating intended to extend its life and avoid scuffs, scrapes and marring. Most other reviewers agree: these laminate bamboo floors will outlast many other options on the market, and continue to look great for a long time.

Environmentally, bamboo is a great choice too. Home Legend offers a low VOC offering for their products, and the material itself is capable of regrowing completely in 5 years time, making it one of the most renewable resources on the planet. (Did I mention bamboo produces 30% more oxygen than most trees?)


Home Legend bamboo flooring is an easy to install product, and their website offers many videos and guides on how to put it in place. You'll need basic cutting, so a skillsaw would be a good idea, as well as basic measuring ability.

Check out their website for a more in depth look at how to put it together.


Caring for any laminate flooring is important, but it's definitely lower maintenance than any 'real wood' choices. Making sure you correctly install it is key, and you want to make sure it doesn't move around. Home Legend bamboo floors, like many others, are floating, meaning you don't have to nail or glue it down. It needs to be snug and preferably held in place with baseboard.

Home Legend bamboo flooring is available in a large variety of exciting flavors... er, colors! Popular wood colors like walnut and chestnut are available, as well as a few more exotic varieties.
Home Legend bamboo flooring is available in a large variety of exciting flavors... er, colors! Popular wood colors like walnut and chestnut are available, as well as a few more exotic varieties. | Source

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    • DIYmommy profile image

      Julie 4 years ago

      LongTimeMother- Thank you for the comment, I agree bamboo is a great green alternative!

    • LongTimeMother profile image

      LongTimeMother 4 years ago from Australia

      Bamboo is lovely to walk on, and such a green alternative to many other floor types. Voted up.