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Home-Made Large Decorative Plates

Updated on February 15, 2011

Decorative plates play a vital role in beautifying a house. They can bring about a drastic change in the looks of a normal looking house and this is the reason why most people hangplates on their walls. Plus, you can use them for many purposes, so the investment is one time but their usage is immense. There are different types of decorative plates available such as antique decorative plate, hanging decorative plate and glass decorative plate. Another decorative plate that is in demand is large decorative plates. These plates have intricate designs which can mesmerize anyone at the first glance. I even use these plates for eating and at special events. Guests visiting my house will also notice them and comment on them.

Home Made Decorative Wall Plates
Home Made Decorative Wall Plates

To add a unique décor in your room you need to go with large decorative plates. You may have seen some marvelous large decorative plates in the market but you did not buy them, because they were expensive. You can save money by making these plates in your house.The best part of these plates is that despite being just another decorative item, they add art to the walls of your room. These large sized plates are perfect for decorating rooms. Don't think that making these plates is easy, because they require dedication and patience. Generally, people lose their patience mid way and never finish.

You will need certain things when making plates such as a tray or plate, and aluminum foil. You may also need a bucket full of wheat mix or a variety of wallpaper would also work. Get some newspaper strips and tissue papers, they will be vital for preparing the large decorative plate. You will require a variety of color paints for decorating the plates. Get some sponge brushes as well as spray for art-finishing.

Following are the things you need to perform for making plates

Lay the plate face down and ensure that the surface has some protection. If the rim of your plate is deep, you will need to cover the bottom with plastic and an aluminum. If you are working on the front side of the plate, then you need to cover the back side with plastic in order to protect its surface.

Follow the directions given for mixing the paste and mix it in a large bowl or a bucket. Once you are done with this step, then you need to continue by adding newspaper strips to soak with the paste. Then lay the strips in the mould and press it gently, so the strips mix with the paste properly. For quicker results use something hard to mix the paste, because it can provide a quality effect. In order to give a stable shape to your plate, you need to add at least three-to-four layers of the paste. There may be some air bubbles in each layer; you need to remove them before adding the next layer.

Next, you need to remove the dry plate from the mould and determine if you need additional layers of newspaper strips to make the decorative plate stable. If you feel that you need another layer of newspaper strips but you do not have any more, then you can use tissue papers as the final layer which may be the top surface of the plate. This may give it a smooth appearance as well as unlined painting surface. Once you are done with the addition of the paste, then you need to leave it to dry. Repeat thhis for at least three times for each plate you wish to prepare.

Follow the assistance of experts when making large decorative plate. Generally, experts do not charge much for advice. Their recommendations can come handy when preparing the plate. Even I took some expert advice during my initial days but after making some decorative plates, I got confident and if I can prepare a decorative plate, then even you can.


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