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Home Organization Made Simple for At Home Dads

Updated on March 30, 2011

Home organization can be difficult, especially with children. At home dads must reduce the clutter and stay organized to keep things running smoothly. Here are some tips for simple organization for at home dads.

Use a filing system.

At home dads must keep track of a lot of documents—children's social security cards and birth certificates, immunization records, and school paperwork along with regular household documents related to a house, apartment, utilities, or car. Invest in a small, table-top filing cabinet and create files for all the documents you need to keep track of. When important documents arrive in the mail, file them immediately to prevent them from getting lost at the bottom of a big stack of papers. This filing system will not only help you keep clutter to a minimum, but it will also help you easily find documents that you need later.

Designate a space for common objects.

There are some objects that will always be coming and going out of the house and are likely to be thrown in the nearest convenient spot, creating clutter. This includes car keys, spare change, wallets, purses, coats, and mail. In order to prevent these things from cluttering your space, create designated places for them. New dads can save a lot of housework and cleanup if there is a hook by the door for keys, a small basket on an entryway table for mail, and a coat rack for coats.

Don't put off cleaning.

Cleaning is a neverending chore for at home dads, and it becomes more and more difficult if at home dads procrastinate. Doing a little cleaning at a time can prevent the house from becoming a mess. Set aside a day of the week for each chore. For instance, clean the bathroom on Mondays and vacuum on Tuesdays. This method can help at home dads keep the house clean and avoid having an overwhelming cleaning job on their hands.

Tackle the mail.

Mail is one of the biggest culprits in household clutter. The key to keeping the mail under control is having a designated place for it and going through it daily. Throw away or recycle junk mail immediately when you walk in the door instead of putting it down to sort later. This will significantly reduce the amount of mail you have covering your tables.

Enlist kids' help.

At home dads should give children responsibilities for keeping the house clean and organized. Even toddlers can be coached to put away their toys when they are done playing. Older children can take some of the cleaning chores like taking out the garbage or sweeping the floor. At minimum, children over the age of 5 should be responsible for keeping their shoes, clothing, and toys put away.

Image Credit:  Jacob Fricke, Flickr


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  • diplorging profile image

    diplorging 5 years ago from Serbia

    Great list of ideas for anyone that needs help in this area.

  • KoffeeKlatch Gals profile image

    Susan Haze 6 years ago from Sunny Florida

    The dad's list sounds like the mom's list. Grat ideas and tips.