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Home Organization Tips for Your Constant Problem Areas

Updated on November 10, 2011
Home Organization Tips
Home Organization Tips | Source

We all have that place in our home that is always messy no matter how hard we try to keep it organized and no matter how many times we organize it. The result is always the same, it ends up messy again in a few days. So what can you do to fix this constant eyesore? Here are a few home organization tips that can help.

Put Something Else There
If you’re like me, the problem is that you put papers down on the kitchen counter or table and then they stay there for days, weeks and sometimes even months. Try putting an item like a plant, large candle, or other decoration on the counter or table where you tend to toss your papers. As you get ready to throw your papers in the same old area, you’ll be stopped by the presence of a large object there. This will force you to think about what you are doing and (hopefully) put the papers where they belong. This type of solution can also work if you constantly throw your clothes in one area of a room. Just put a large object in that area to stop yourself. The trick with this that you need to stop the behavior, not simply decide to throw the papers or clothes somewhere else.

Write Yourself a Note
If you have a tendency to leave dishes in the sink rather than washing them right away, have a paper sign right next to the sink that says “Did you wash the dishes?” This home organization tip can work for almost any problem area. You may need to write yourself several signs and post them all over the area where the problems occur. Because most home organization issues are related to behaviors, having reminders like this can help you stop the behavior. But here again, you need to pay attention to the signs for them to work. If you find that they were working for awhile but now are not, make the signs different colors or put them in slightly different places so they grab your attention again.

Set a Reminder
If the living room constantly looks like a mess at the end of the day, set yourself a reminder on your cell phone for a specific time each night to get it cleaned up. If you have kids and they are contributing to the mess, have the reminder before their bedtime so they can help with cleanup. Having your phone buzz or beep at you every night will help you remember to get things cleaned up.

Most problem areas can be overcome with some time, patience, and dedication to changing the problem. All of these home organization tips can help you but you have to commit to changing your behavior before they will be effective.


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    • TransferOnTheSpot profile image

      TransferOnTheSpot 6 years ago

      Nice hub! I am going to try out some of these methods. I always throw stuff around my room until I cant stand the dirtiness and start cleaning.