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Top 6 Best Home Safes And Vaults To Secure Your Guns And Valuables

Updated on September 21, 2017
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A home safe can be your greatest home security investment that can keep all your valuables secured and protected. You can keep in it your money, documents, compact disks, jewelry and even guns for the sake of children’s safety. Essentially, safes can be your efficient safe keeper for your valuables that are within your reach.

The best safes are virtually fireproof, shatterproof, burglar proof and have passed quality standards which the insurance companies require to give you the best premium in insuring your valuables for home safekeeping.

Home safes have different features and typically come in various types

  • Burglary and Fire Safes 09258020732

These are the most common safes used by homeowners. The burglary home safes are designed to keep in anything important and made of solid metals and are shatterproof. The fireproof safes have extra layer of protection that makes them fire resistant. Nonetheless, it would be better if you can find a safe that have the combination of both features to give you maximum protection and security.

  • Floor safes or In-floor Safes

These are usually installed or hidden under the floor to make them discrete. The safe you choose, however, must be fireproof or humid proof as under the floor tend to get humid during hot summer and even on winter.

  • Wall Safes or the Cabinet Type Safes

These are to be installed on or inside the wall if you have enough space for it. Again, make sure that you choose the one that is fireproof and burglar proof.

  • Media Safes or Data Safes

Known also as data safes, these should have high fire and humidity standard protection because even CDs, flash drives, DVDs, hard drives and laptops can be easily affected by humidity and get damaged easily by heat.

  • Portable Safes or the Travel Safes

These are the standard mobile safe types which you can bring anywhere to keep your documents properly locked in so you must also keep in mind that what you must have for a travel safe is the reliable burglarproof type.

  • Gun Safes

A lot of us have guns in our homes for family's and properties' protection. Unfortunately, even burglars today are also armed with guns so you really have to keep a licensed gun right in your home.

However, we know that guns are the most dangerous weapons we can have at home and it's alarming that a lot of people die every year because some kids use their parents' guns to do their crimes.

That's why the gun safe should have better security features and the combination could either be biometrics, electronics or digital. There are also the combination of keys just to make sure your guns are protected.

Home safes can let you have a peace of mind especially if you will be out for a vacation or just go out for dinner with your family.

If you want to have one of the best home safes to keep your valuables more secured, check for these features:

1. Consider checking the home safe’s Underwriter's Laboratory (UL) and Fire rating.

If you want to insure your valuables in a home safe with an insurance company, your home safe must meet the standard UL rating as well as Fire rating required by most property insurance companies. You will not be charged costly by your insurance company if you can meet the company’s safe standard requirement.

2. Your home safe must be burglarproof and fire resistant.

For these, there are the bulky, solid and fixed type safes but these are quite expensive though they can offer you the best protection for your money and valuables. You can also choose the smaller types if you only have few valuables or if you are short on budget. Yet, make sure these are also solid and passed quality protection standards.

3. Prefer a high-tech home safe with state-of-the-art lock.

Safes with combination locks are more secured than those that need keys. Seasoned burglars can easily find ways to unlock locks that use keys. You can also find home safes that have digital locks and have automatic bolting features. There are also safes that have alarm system, utilize biometrics, digital locks and electronic locks. With a lock in any of these you are assured your safe is one of the top-of-the-line safes.

Biometrics base its lock release through iris scans, or fingerprint, voice recognition or facial scans. The most popular among the biometrics safes are the fingerprint safes and if combined this with combination lock feature, you can have a very reliable home safe.

4. If you are always out of your home, better opt for the heavy duty wall safe.

By that, that means a real heavy duty home safe. Make its own place inside the wall or under the floor and you can feel safe with these especially if they are fireproof. These safes are the best choice in protecting your valuables if most of the time nobody’s home.

For wall safe, the only problem is that your home’s wall must be thick enough to make the bulky safe fit in. If that’s not possible, you can choose a fire resistant cabinet safe. These are like large heavy-duty safe in the manner of cabinet type complete with digital or electronic locks.

5. If you prefer a floor safe, find one that is waterproof and made of solid steel.

This type of safe will be bolted down under your floor and once it is settled it would be virtually impossible to remove it. So better think seriously if you want a fixed floor safe because you can hardly take it out once you have fixed this right on the concrete floor.

6. Buy a safe according to your needs.

If you want to protect your guns from your kids, buy a bigger safe with combination lock. If you just want to store your money in it you will need a medium sized safe. Jewelry can be accommodated by smaller safes. Or, you can put all these in one larger home safe and install it right into your wall. The bottom line here, is finding a very durable safe for all the things you value and want to keep safe.

7. Compare and buy the best priced but with durable and efficient features.

You can easily find reliable home safes on hardware stores, office supply shops, and home security stores and even on furniture shops. Request the store staff to assist you and show you the most trusted brands when shopping. Moreover, a lot of reliable and trusted home safes are now available on online stores like Amazon.

Amazon is one large online shopping site where you can find the best home safes that have UL rating, warranted and have earned good reviews.

I have found lots of reputable home safes right at Amazon. Any of these would surely fit your needs and don't have to worry your valuables are at risk. Check them out.

Best Home Safes For Your Utmost Sense of Security

SentrySafe X055 Security Safe, 0.5 Cubic Feet, Black

This .5 cubic feet safe box has all the features and protection you need for you cash, jewelry, classified documents, passports and handguns. What so special about it is its electronic lock with 2 keys override lock.

In case you forget your combination or the batteries run out, the keys can override the program and open it. This is a necessary feature if you always want to change your lock combination for more secured safekeeping of your things.

With a body and doors made of solid steel that are prey-resistant and a hardened steel lock plate that cannot be destroyed even by drilling, its hinges are also concealed so it is almost impossible to break this safe down.

It is also equipped with an electronic lock and live-locking bolts, even an experienced burglar would have a hard time getting his hands to your possessions because this safe is made to be purely dependable for its purpose. With a soft carpeted floor, a solid black finish and a handsome look, this safe is almost maintenance free.

This is also designed with a mounting hardware so you can bolt it right on the floor. Because this is a table-top safe, reviewers also recommend bolting it on the concrete floor for solid hold or hide it inside your metal cabinet when leaving your home. Easy to install, it comes with an easy to follow installation.

SentrySafe brand is a world-renowned brand for its super reliable and durable safes and most of their products are made in U.S.A. and passed the UL and ETL standards so you are assured you get your money's worth with this super safe.

V-Line Quick Vault Locking Storage for Guns and Valuables

Looking for a reliable safe solely for your guns and ammo or for small valuables so that anybody won't have an easy reach with them? This vault is what you need. Proudly made in USA, you don't need batteries for its lock. Just the right combination and you open it. By installing it in between wall studs you can make it discrete. Its case is mountable to any type of wall surface and can get along well as it is designed with handsome finish.

With a 5-push button mechanical lock, no keys is needed to open it as well. You can change its combination as long as you want.The combination is easy to set and change and you can keep in it your passport, jewelry, wallet, handguns, or any small things worth hiding. How secured?

With a sturdy fabricated steel construction with pry resistant clamshell design and a lock bolt made of 3/8" thick steel and inner steel frame, no worries of prying with this one. Its lock bolts directly onto the inner steel frame so this tough wall home safe is really a necessity for every household. You can also have an extra shelf if you want for extra storage room.

This safe is sturdy, easy to install, easy to access and easy to hide. So stop worrying your kids can get their hands on your guns or other valuable small items. Burglars wont' have easy time with this one either and they won't waste their time to try breaking up a tough American safe.

V-Line Quick Access Keyless Long Gun Safe (Black, 42-Inch)

Right for game hunters or homeowners who keep long guns at home are gun safes that must be super durable, dependable and can last for many years and this is what V-Line Gun Safe is all about. Especially for those who don't like gun safes that use electronic locks, this one also uses 5-combination keyless lock that is the trademark of V-Line USA.

With key less high grade lock, 2 additional keys for more secured access this American made sturdy safe can be mounted upright or hang on wall or at the back of the door.

It has pre-punched mounting holes for effortless mounting, this is purely of steel construction, definitely pry resistant clam shell design and with exterior of powder coated finish so it stays protected from rust and attractive for years. Measuring 42 in x 12 in x 3.5 in, it is compact and yet a very safe, durable and reliable storage for your rifles.

Some hunters even carry this in their trucks when game season starts and they like its durability and pry-proof features. If you don't like electronic locks, worry where you place your rifles at home or don't want people see your truck with guns when going hunting, you will definitely need this tough and dependable gun case. Again, it's made in America so you can really depend on it.

First Alert 2096DF Waterproof Fire Safe with Digital Lock, 2.14 Cubic Foot, Gray

Who doesn't want to have a fireproof and UL classified home safe that is equipped with the most sophisticated features for more trendy appeal and secured safekeeping?

This safe is big enough to house a lot of your valuables: cash, jewelry, passport, guns, documents and even data paraphernalia securely. With its 2.1 foot capacity and solid durable construction, this also features 2 adjustable/ removable shelves and you have the option to install its pull-out file rack for more convenient storing and added storage capacity.

Some of the nice amazing features is its backlit digital keypad lock that is easy to reset and see the numbers even in the dark, its emergency override key that lets you have access even its batteries run dead and its amazing fire resistance capacities that can withstand 1700 degrees Fahrenheit up to 1 hour.

It is also waterproof so you are assured that you keep out moisture from all the things inside the safe. In fact, based from tests, water can't get in even the safe is submerged. It can even float in case of floods.

Its programmable digital lock makes this safe hard to figure by anyone. As of its durability, customers like its pry-resistant hinges that absolutely add security. It's kinda heavy which makes it harder to carry - around 155 pounds.

But since you may want to position this on some places most of the time, its Handy Hauler wheels could make that possible. Capacity is 2.14 cubic feet and backed by five-year limited warranty, this 2096DF model is absolutely necessary for may homes.

What it's made? Its body is made of durable resin and cement for fireproofing, heaviness and durability capacity and solid metal for overall protection. Door is equipped with four solid-steel patented locks with a thickness of 95 mm and its Delta hinges are basically pry resistant to make it burglarproof.

There is also hanging key rack and door pocket for organizing your things inside it. So what more can you ask from a high-tech and reliable home safe which have gathered so much positive reviews from a lot of buyers.

SentrySafe H2300 0.36 Cubic Foot Fire-Safe Waterproof Chest, Silver Gray

If you are a constant traveler, a professional or a student, you will need a reliable chest safe that can keep in your valuables and protect them with utmost care. That’s why I have included this Made in USA SentrySafe because this can be your reliable keeper for all your small valued things wherever you go.

The best travel safe I recently found at Amazon, the H2300 safe is UL classified with a fire protection of up to 1,550 Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. This is actually the best keeper for your CDs, USB drives, DVDs, memory sticks, digital cameras, passports and jewelry instead of keeping them inside your bag.

With a weight of 24 pounds and a capacity of 0.36 cubic feet, the H2300 is also ETL verified and sealed tight for waterproof feature. With a barrel locking system this provides double locking protection and makes it an anti-theft safe.

Measuring about 5.1 inches x 12.9 inches x 9.5 inches interior, this size is better than a suitcase that has no protection against harsh environment. For students, they can keep in it their data, laptops or any portable multimedia materials with no worries unlike keeping them in their bags.

Professionals alike will also need this during their travel and will easily see by just the weight and construction of this safe that it means protective business. So expect utmost protection from both fire and water with H2300. Just a reminder, because this is a strong safe, you have to push the lid a little bit in order to lock or unlock it.

Executive Safe (Black) (37 3/4" H x 21 11/16" W x 19 1/2" D)

You want an elegant-looking but really tough, heavy, large and dependable safe for your home or office? Look no farther because I present to you the Executive Safe. This safe has it all, very well-built, look so sophisticated and can go along to any home or office décor. With a 6.11 cubic feet capacity, this safe is pack with the best safety features.

First, its wall and door is made of solid pry resistant steel so it’s drill-resistant. Second, combination lock made of hardened steel plate that is also resistant to drill attack. Third, it is featured with 3 live-locking bolts for maximum locking and sealing.

Fourth, the hinges are completely concealed which can literally prevent any kinds of prying and lastly weigh around 230 lbs but can still be bolted to floor or wall (hardware is included) for utmost security.

With an interior of 37 inches high, 21 inches wide and 19.5 inches deep, you sure can keep a lot of things in it securely and it also has adjustable shelves. Some safe users don’t want electronic combinations because these need batteries and most of the times malfunction while the Executive Safe is featured only with non-complicated but much secured UL Listed Group 2 combination lock.

So if you want a heavy-duty, good-looking and reliable home safe or office safe, this one could fit your needs. It used to be more than $1000 but now the price is cut to almost half.


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    • profile image

      Xaria 3 years ago

      This is both street smart and innlleigett.

    • profile image

      Charles Norton 3 years ago

      My dad had a really nice safe when I was growing up. I used to tease him about how obsessed he was about putting things in the safe. Now that I am older, I can totally understand why a safe was so important to my dad. My home has a lot of valuable documents and objects that I want to keep protected from not only burglars, but natural disasters as well. I am glad you covered safes that have both of these functions. What is the best way to find the multifunction safes?

    • greenthummy profile image

      Gene David Pangan 3 years ago

      Hi Caleb,

      Thanks for commenting. About getting a safe for your guns, the first thing you must have in mind especially if you have kids at home is that it must be out of their reach so a wall type is a good choice. Consider that kids must not even touch your safe's lock (electronic or manual lock) because they may play with it if they get curious about buttons and shiny lock. Wall type safe are better installed inside homeowner's room, though. But since you also have long guns, better buy a cabinet-type gun safe that can also accommodate short guns including ammos. Obviously, you need to look for safe that is pry resistant, have thick solid steel frame, reliable locking system (I prefer electronic locks with overriding keys in case electronic locks malfunction) and can be bolted right on the wall. If you are a predominant key loser, you can also choose one that uses 5-combination keyless lock. It goes to say that nobody must not touch your guns except you so you better be looking for features that you think are really necessary. To give you a better option, take a look at what I have presented in this article. All these have gathered good reviews from the buyers themselves and I personally chose them because they are generally Made in USA and I trusted them. Oh and these are all reasonably priced.