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Home Safety: Secure Your Doors Against Burglary

Updated on August 31, 2009

Be Safe! Secure Your Doors Against Burglary

Securing your residence or office business location against unauthorized entry is a very important factor of personal, family and business security. It is hard to believe but the most common manner in which a catburglar would enter a home or business is just by walking through a door, an astounding sixty percent of the time! Many typical locking systems are wholly inadequate to keep a professional criminal out. So what can anyone do?

Before you purchase anything, you should look carefully at the normal entrances to your location. Your main criteria has to be whether or not your location affords privacy to someone who is trying to defeat an entryway which is locked. One of the primary problems here is the conflicting concern of security versus privacy. If you have trees and shrubbery which are obscuring the view of your entryway from the road, that's likely going to be the first place a burglar is going to attempt to enter. This applies to other entryways as well. Back doors are very often located so that it is difficult for a bystander to see someone trying to tamper with their locks. Evaluate your property with these factors in mind, and do what you can to remedy the problems you will find.

Before we get to the various cheap-but-effective measures anyone can take, let's briefly look at the idea of a comprehensive monitored security system. This is the kind of system where you install various sensors on doors and windows, motion sensors throughout the rooms to catch movement, and a control panel system for arming the set up. It is monitored by professional full time personnel at another location whenever the system is set to be armed. The effectiveness of these various systems depends primarily on the quality of the corporation providing the service. The problem with these sorts of systems is that it is difficult for a purchaser to know exactly how responsive the monitoring provider is.

Example of a common deadbolt.
Example of a common deadbolt.

Secure Your Doors Against Burglary For Peace Of Mind

The primary and most basic step that any security-minded individual, business, or family should do with their doors is to immediately apply strong dead-bolt locks. Some of these types of locks are better than others, but the most important benefit of these locks is that the engineering prevents the common entry method of sliding a credit card or other jimmying device in and shoving back the projectile. The best kind of dead-bolt locks include a 1 inch throw, and are manufactured of case-hardened steel. Furthermore they must be installed firmly to the door as well as the door casing. It is of paramount importance that they feature a knob on the inside operated by hand, not by a key. Police and fire professionals strongly warn about this. Security should consistently be planned with the property's safety in mind. You most certainly don't want your child to be locked in the home during a fire or other emergency because they can't find the key. For this same reason, it is also not a good idea to use a multitude of locking devices on one door.

If you have entryways fitted with double doors, you should apply upper and lower flush bolts on the inactive door, and keep them securely locked. The openable door should be equipped with a high quality, professionally installed dead bolt. Do not place flush bolts on both doors as this sort of installation presents a severe safety problem.

A flush bolt should only be placed on doors not frequently used.
A flush bolt should only be placed on doors not frequently used.

A Throw Over Latch Can Help Secure Your Doors Against Burglary

A proper and fairly inexpensive alternative to a dead bolt lock is a latch known as a throw-over latch. This particular type of device is installed in the jamb, and is set up to be hinged in such a way that a panel on the interior side is thrown over the edge of the door and then designed to drop into a mechanical lock which is mounted on the door. To release this device, you simply lift and throw it over the door's jamb molding, thus placing it away from the door. Of course, this does not require key, and is extremely simple to use. The biggest drawback is that it cannot be used to securely lock the entry when you leave the house because it can't be locked or unlocked from the exterior side. This might be a suitable and inexpensive alternative on some doors not generally used to enter or exit the property.

The most important part of protecting your property is discouraging criminals, or making it very difficult for them. It is next to impossible to totallly prevent crime, but it can many times be redirected away from you and your property.

You might want to consider one of the several fairly cheap motion detectors that can be installed near the inside of doors. Some of these trigger screeching and highly noticeable alarms that might further motivate a burglar who gets into your property to hightail it out of there. These devices provide many of the identical benefits of a complete security system, and will generally lead the burglar to believe that they have tripped such a system. However, their cost is a tiny fraction of the price of a monitored alarm system.

Wrought iron security doors may be required in high crime areas.
Wrought iron security doors may be required in high crime areas.

Secure Your Doors Against Burglary With A Portable Jammer

If you believe that a single deadbolt lock on your entryway is not enough, it would be preferable to utilize a portable jammer device rather than go through the process of installing multiple locks. This jamming product could be a basic rubber door stop at the base of the door, or there are products that combine the mechanical jam utility with a loud alarm, which is triggered in the case that the device is defeated.

Finally, there is no substitute for high quality well engineered entry doors, properly manufactured casings, and correctly installed locks. You can purchase the highest quality locks and other security devices, but they won't do you any good at all if your door can be smashed or ripped off its hinges by a child!

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