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Home Safety: Secure Your Windows Against Burglary

Updated on March 20, 2011

High Quality Glass Can Secure Your Windows Against Burglary

As the most direct and basic method, criminals often times gain entry to various properties by either breaking or jamming open glass windows. Due to this fact, it's an excellent idea to give significant consideration to deterring this type of entrance. An enormous percentage of crime can be eliminated by simply making it much more difficult a task for the criminal.

One very good way to deter a burglar is to apply high quality glass at critical points outside your home. You don't need to have every single window changed, just the ones that are readily accessible from ground level. Most burglars avoid trying to shatter certain kinds of glass so they won't bring undue attention to themselves.

Install window stops like this one on windows that aren't used frequently.
Install window stops like this one on windows that aren't used frequently.

Tempered & Laminated Glass Can Help Secure Your Windows Against Burglary

 Tempered glass windows are made from plain glass that has been brought to the melting point within an oven and then chilled rapidly. The result is a form of skin surrounding the glass that makes it about five times tougher than regular glass. However, with enough force it can be shattered.

Laminated glass windows are created by layering plastic or vinyl between sheets of glass. The extra layers give windows added strength and will not shatter or break completely. Repeated blows in one spot would only result in a small hole and would likely draw the attention of anyone sleeping within.

Wired glass is the best choice from a strict security standpoint. With this glass, extra effort is required for the glass to be broken and then the embedded wire would have to be cut. The drawback, of course, is that it's not considered the most beautiful glass for home installation.

Roller shutters are good for night security and they block unwanted light.
Roller shutters are good for night security and they block unwanted light.

Secure Your Windows Against Burglary By Ensuring They Can't Be Easily Opened

Reinstalling windows is costly and time consuming, but for the individual, family, or business on a budget, there are a few categories of deterrent processes that will make it harder for most burglars to gain access. Generally, these break down to bolting devices and alarms.

If your home has sets of sliding glass windows, the main objective is to prevent the window from being lifted or sliding out of its track. Many products are available to secure sliding windows, but one of the best is essentially free. If you can find or make a sturdy pole that fits in the track opposite the closed window, you can secure it very effectively. In addition, though, an inexpensive magnetic alarm is a great idea. They are easy to install, and available in most home improvement stores or online. However, locking devices that require keys are not recommended as they can make it difficult to exit in an emergency such as a fire, and many are not that effective in preventing entry.

If you have casement windows, you are in excellent shape from the standpoint of security. These windows are quite safe, strong and generally secure as installed, provided that the latch mechanism works correctly and that there is no superfluous play in the hardware. If there is excessive play, replace it at once.

Louvered windows are quite likely the worst design to have if you are security-minded. If you can't find the funds in your budget to replace them, you should consider vibration alarms.

Double-hung windows are the most typical ones found in period and older buildings.These are not secure to any significant extent as ypically installed, but can be modified to be considerably more secure quite easily. There are many devices available at your local hardware or home improvement store for this specific purpose. The strongest deterrent is to simply screw the entire window shut. If that particular window is never opened, this is the best and certainly most cost effective approach. If you are concerned about emergency access, remember that you can smash the window open in an emergency. If you do want to open the window every once in a while, or if it is a hard glass to break, you can apply quick-release window stops which available in a wide variety of types, or drill a hole and place a bolt or peg in there that can be readily removed by hand.

Window security bars can be decorative or artisitc.
Window security bars can be decorative or artisitc.

Entry Prevention Tactics Which Can Secure Your Windows Against Burglary

You should also back up your entry-prevention strategies with the powerful deterrent of a glass break alarm. These products are triggered by strong vibrations, and produce considerable attention grabbing noise when the glass is smashed. They are cheap and easy to install, but you do have to seek them out as not every hardware store stocks them.

Remember that a window in each bedroom on every floor should be easy to open as an emergency exit, especially for children or guests staying over. Any security device installed should not prevent a child or a person unfamiliar with the device from opening the window in a crisis.

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