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Prepairing To Sell Your Home

Updated on June 15, 2017

How Prepaire Your Home For Sale

House For Sale

How To Stage Homes For Sale
How To Stage Homes For Sale | Source

Stages For Selling Your Home.

Every homeowner wants to sell their home fast and also get top price for the home, careful planning and knowing how to increase the value will have buyers quick to write that check. Here is what you have to do to make you home marketable. Separate the emotional ties you have developed living in the home, tell yourself this is a product that has to be sold, which will eventually no longer be yours.

Put away any personal items that may be visible to the buyer such as pictures and items that may be distracting, leave room for them to imagine their own items in the space. Remove any clutter from the home, which gives you a head start on packing and store the in a garage or storage facility.

Rearrange all the rooms and especially closet and cupboard in the home buyers always want to look there, and a first impression is a lasting one when they recognize organization and neatness, it states that the home is probably well maintained.

A home shows better when there are the minimal amount of furniture. Remove things that may hinder access to other parts of the home. Leave just enough furniture in each room to highlight the design style of each room which allows plenty of room to move around each space.

Remove and replace items in the home that you want to take with you, if a buyer never saw the original fixtures and appliances they won't want it, because if a buyer sees the original item and you tell them they can't have it they will envy it, which could prolong the sale of your home.

Make any necessary repairs where they are needed, such as patching walls, replacing cracked floor tiles where needed, leaky pipes, a sagging door, and painting all the walls a neutral color white always works very well when selling a home as well as making it appear much larger.

Never give a buyer reason to remember your home as the one with the purple kitchen. Replace blown light bulbs

Make your home shine washing all the windows and power wash the exterior of the house and driveway, (dusting furniture, ceiling fans and light fixtures), cobwebs, (caulking windows, doors, bathtub, sinks), (polish furniture, chrome faucets, and mirrors) clean fridge and stove, vacuum every day. Make your home smell fresh with air fresheners at all times.

Scrutinize every square foot of the home and see if there are anything else that has to be done and get it done like fresh towels in the bathroom and rearrange furniture until it makes sense in the space, leveling window treatment. Does your home have that emotional pull to have buyers wanting to close the deal now? Wow! Ask yourself is anyone living here? You are almost done.

Lastly, curb appeal must be kept up, lawn always mowed and raked, yellow plants induces buying emotions which are inexpensive, and groom shrubs. The number of your home should be highly visible to a passer by. Great now you are done, and ready for open house shows.
Your feedback is of importance to me so please leave a comment. Thank you and good luck.


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