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Home Security Safes

Updated on December 4, 2012

Home Safes

Home security safes are not just for the rich. Everyone has possessions they would rather not lose, whether that be jewellery, share certificates or family heirlooms. Some things are irreplaceable, and being paid their monetary value from your insurance company in event of a burglary at your home, will not make up for the loss of some things.

Burglaries are an ever-present possiblity, no matter how good your home-security system.

If you are self-employed, there is a fair chance you will bring your takings home with you until you get a chance to to take them to a bank. What better place to keep all your money and valuables safe?

What types of safes are available?

Type of Locking Mechanism for Safes

Combination Lock

With a combination lock you have to enter a sequence of numbers to operate the locking mechanism.

Don;t pick numbers relating to your street address, your birthday or anniversary because beleiev me thieves are good at fin=ding out those things. Instead choose an entirey random sequence and memorise it. If you must write it down, hide this note in a either a very secure or odd place that others are unlikedly to find.

If you are the sole keyholder, leave a note of the combination with your lawyer or bank manager with instructions on who has to recieve it in event of your death.


Make sure you keep the keys for your safe under lock and key too.

Electronic Lock

Electronic locks are more secure but tend to be a lot more expensive.

Floor Safes

This is probably the most secure type of home safe you can get. They are set in concrete beneath the ground floor of your house, and you can cover it with a rug or heavy piece of furniture so that it cannot normally be seen

You will need to call in a qualified tradesman to instal it for you, preferrably one who has done work for you before and who you know you can trust, and a lot will depend on the weight bearing abilities of your floor.

Do not be tempted to get a local cowboy handyman in to instal it for you. It is vitally important that no-one knows you have the safe, nor where it is located.

Even if kept empty, people would think you must have someting valuable in there, or at least something worth stealing, and that will make your house a target for thieves.

Out of all the safes available on the market, the floor safe is probably the most secure. While some expert burglars could indeed get it out, they would need heavy lifting equipment and it would take them time, someting the average thief does not want to spare.

Wall Safes

Again, this a very secure type of safe as like the floor safe, it is set in concrete. You will need to instal it on a solid brick, weight bearing wall.

Free-Standing Safes

These safes are not set in concrete, but can be bolted to the floor to deter theft. Again the floor will need to be checked for having sufficent load bearing capablilities, as safes are extremely heavy.

Key Safes

Key safes are an excellent investment to make in those days of multiple car ownership, for example. Keys are often stolen during break-ins and you come home to realise an expensive car has been stolen as well as many household items. This is turn puts your future car insurance up as if it isn't expensive enough already. You might have a separate garage or outhouse. Why make is easy for the burglar by leavng the keys lying around, and hanging up by a key-chain on a wall?

Laptop Safes

Your laptop isn't just something you use to chat to people on Facebook. Even if you don't store important documents on your laptop, or use it for your business, if you do online banking, your details will be stored. Likewise your passwords for all the sites you enjoy, like Hubpages or your email account. Don't leave your laptop lying around for a burglar. Buy a laptop safe and know it is secure when you leave the house.

Biometric Safes

This is just a fancy name for a type of safe that has a fingerprint reader on it, which is very convenient and saves you worrying about pass-codes or keys.

Divertion Safes

These aren't really safes at all, they are just a place to hide your valuables to try and fool thieves. There are many on the market today, from hollowed out books that wouldn't look out of place in your bookshelf, to food tins in the cupboard, complete with a well-known brand label that are really a hidey-hole for your cash or jewellery.

High Security Safes

These are specially designed to lock-down if someone tries to get into them by force, whereby extra drill-resistant bolts are slammed into place should someone attempt to drill through the outer casing.

Fire-Resistant Safes

There are various types. There are ones that are designed to withstand heat of 177 degrees Centigrade, which is the burning heat of paper, and others that try to protect computer data. They need to protect heat above 52 degrees centigrade which is the melting point of plastic.

It is worth considering getting a fire-resistant safe because there is a better chance that after a fire your valuables will be in one piece, though of course this is not guaranteed. House fires get incredibly hot and the heat is dependant on the materials that are getting burned, and every house has different furnishings.

Water-resistant Safes

This is especially important for those of you with a floor safe, as a burst pipe could allow water entry, damaging your valuables.

Also, in event of fire, your floor safe would get a good soaking from the firemens hoses.

Gun Safes

Last but not least I want to mention gun safes. It goes without saying that if you own a gun, it should have a place in your home under lock and key. This is the last thing you want a burglar to steal, to perhaps go on and kill someone else with your weapon!


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  • MoragCampbell profile image

    MoragCampbell 7 years ago from Planet Earth

    Yes I think the biometric safe is a great idea!

  • profile image

    Safes 7 years ago

    I'm pleased to see you mentioned biometric safes. They are becoming more popular these days.

  • MoragCampbell profile image

    MoragCampbell 7 years ago from Planet Earth

    Thanks Jeanie :)

    Diversion safes are so innovative - they can do the same job as a big strong safes at a fraction of the price!

  • jeanie.stecher profile image

    jeanie.stecher 7 years ago from Seattle

    Nice stuff you have here. I like the idea of diversion safes.=) I think this could be of great help when it comes to securing our valuables. =)

  • MoragCampbell profile image

    MoragCampbell 8 years ago from Planet Earth

    Absolutely, and it is worth paying out a bit more to get a fireproof safe. Thanks for commenting :-)

  • lovelypaper profile image

    Renee S 8 years ago from Virginia

    I definately want one of these to secure our important papers and valuables.