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Home Security Tips For Securing Your Home

Updated on February 11, 2018

Burglar Alarm Systems and Home Security Companies

 Generally installing a burglar alarm system that is supplied by one of your local home security companies is a sure way to help securing your home from intruders and can also help a great deal in a medical emergency. A home alarm lets us feel at ease and allows us to sleep more comfortably. Alarm systems are not the only measures taken in home security. Although a home alarm will scare off most invaders, alarm systems have a delayed reaction called response time. This is the time it takes for help to arrive.

How Do The Thieves Get In?

 In most cases home invaders can get in from a window or door left unlocked or open. I’ve heard of some cases where thieves got in by cutting a hole in your roof and entering from your attic. Generally most alarms are focused around the doors and windows and other possible entry points.

How to Boost up Security

 Simple tricks that are used to help secure your home are very inexpensive and only take little effort.

Install Cameras

Installing cameras are a good way to help defend your home against intruders. If the surveillance cameras are real then you may have evidence for the authorities in an event of a break in. Fake cameras are good also in the way that today they look real and generally people cannot tell the difference. Thieves have to think harder about not getting caught if they see cameras. Even something as simple as stickers from an alarm company that are affixed to your windows and doors will make a thief think twice before acting on their instincts.

Get A Dog

A dog is great if it’s a good barker. The presence of a dog or even the “beware of dog signs” make people think twice because they don’t know the animal. (If there is one.) Of course an attack dog that is trained is what some people may have. This really has to be considered especially if there are young children around.

Patio Doors and Windows

When the door or window is closed measure the distance that the door or window slides and cut a nice piece of wood to put there so that the door or window cannot slide open if it is locked or not. On my patio door I’ve placed a level in the bottom track behind the patio door when it’s closed. It fits perfectly and even if they get through the lock, the door cannot slide because the level stops it. For the windows I use a 1x3 piece of strapping cut to the appropriate length.

Lights and Timers

 Having a lamp or two on a timer so that it turns on at night will give an illusion of someone being home. A good tip for using this method is to have the lights turn on and off at different times. Don’t set the timers for the exact time daily. Mix it up and make it confusing for anyone that could be monitoring.

Get a Pet Skunk

It's been done . People actually do have pet skunks. The glands in the skunk can be removed rendering the skunk odorless. It's been said that skunks make really good pets but its obvious how a pet skunk running around can deter unwanted intruders. Who wants to get sprayed by a skunk, right?


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    • Phil Dapple profile imageAUTHOR

      Phil Dapple 

      6 years ago from Ontario,Canada

      Sometimes the smallest threat of being noticed is enough to keep thieves away. Devices that are loud that disturb the quiet are effective. Thanks for stopping by.

    • profile image

      Security devices 

      7 years ago from Nigeria

      Simple but useful tips like these are needed by as many people as possible


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