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Home Shopping in Bangalore made Comfortable by BANKS which are Income Tax Friendly.

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

1 - If you go with your checkbook you had it.

2 - The Aparment Site.[ Will be Loaded in 3 Years.]

3 - The Mock up 3 BHK with Main Door [ Sealing seen look disturbed.]

3 B - Electrical Control Panel Box.

5 - The Kitchen in the HALL

3 - The Sitting Place in the HALL - [ 3 BHK is 3 Bed Room - Hall - Kitchen.]

4 - The Dining Place in the HALL.

3 A - The Shoe Cupboard box.

6 - The Kitchen with all Cupboards and Drawers Open.

7 - A View of - One of the Bath Room

8 - The Out Side View from a Bed Room Window.

9 - You Enter any 3 Bed Rooms here to your Left,Center and Right.

10 - Bed Room Number 1

11 - Bed Room 2

12 - Bed Room 3

13 - You cannot Show your Home till you go near the Entrance. of your Apartment.

14 - Workers over 1500 Live here with out a bath room but build thousands.

15 - Workers seen taking community bath center.

16 - We did not take our check book but will take for the next.

Booming Bangalore Apartments.

If you are in Bangalore,if you do not won a home you are unfit in social circles.If you are likely to settle then also you would want to invest in a home.If you have unaccounted money then also you will buy.Then there are others who would want to invest in a property than keep it in a bank which does not get appreciated over years and the interest is very poor.Oh yes our boys and girls in USA would like to buy a luxury flat to boast about with friends and relatives.The BANKS put up sign boards every alternate month that a LOAN FESTIVAL would go on from a date fixed and with a fixed end period and all loans cleared in a day. Over a million IT  &  BT  industry white colored workers and other infrastructure work going on with new business being blooming in Bangalore almost all politicians are involved in Real Estate Business hencr the demand for apartments are growing day by day.Builders are changing their rates overnight and there is no sign of buyers not paying their dues or getting their apartments booked in advance.

Soon there will be another big project such as a AIRPORT or a AUTO INDUSTRY of huge labour oriented nature may infuse further boost and increased demand for the Real Estate Tycoons.

Car Park getting Ready.

Another Block getting ready for Next Year.


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