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Home Template

Updated on September 9, 2016

Home Hubs Do Very Well!

We're glad you're writing a Hub in our Home Topic, as these tend to be some of the most successful Hubs on the site.

Home Hubs that tend to perform the best include:

  • Guides that are tied with the author's concrete experience or expertise (e.g. a dog house they built, their expertise as an electrician, their troubleshooting successes with garden pests, etc.)
  • A large number of images (it is best if they are your own, however properly used and attributed photos of high quality also do quite well)
  • Practical advice that extends beyond anecdotes and generalities
  • In-depth, step-by-step instructions
  • Information that is not already extensively covered elsewhere online

A tip About Images

The first image you include in a Hub is very important; it is often what potential readers see on site listings and through social media channels like Facebook and Pinterest.

Be sure to choose a high-quality, alluring first image- one that makes readers want to learn more. Should you be creating a DIY Hub guiding people through a project, be sure that your first image showcases the final product (people are far less likely to want to click on a Hub just showing a mess of construction dust and wood!).

Provide "After" Photos First

A remodeled kitchen
A remodeled kitchen | Source

Make Your Hub Easy to Skip Around

Most people looking for home advice online want to get quick answers. By utilizing...

  • Descriptive subheaders
  • Bulleted lists
  • Numbered lists with instructions
  • Quick tips summarized in right-floated Text Capsules
  • Table Capsules summarizing recommendations and tools

You can make it very easy for visitors to find exactly what they need.

Engage With Your Readers!

Ask them fun questions, such as what their skill level might be

See results

Be Sure to Include as Many Progress Shots as Possible!

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Though it might not occur to you to take photographs of your works in progress, they are incredibly helpful to those who plan on completing the same project.
Though it might not occur to you to take photographs of your works in progress, they are incredibly helpful to those who plan on completing the same project.
Though it might not occur to you to take photographs of your works in progress, they are incredibly helpful to those who plan on completing the same project. | Source

Never Underestimate the Power of the Table Capsule

Great Man Cave Furniture
Great Craft Room Furniture
Great Party Room Furniture
Pool table
Glass-windowed cabinets
Slip 'n Slide
Reclining chairs
Wheeled chairs
Coffee Table
Wheeled storage carts
Buffet table
The Table Capsule can be used to share helpful tips, recommendations, lists, prices, steps, and much, much more.

Photos of Required Materials are Helpful, Too


Present Instructions in Numbered Lists

  1. Numbered lists are great for making complex instructions easy for readers to process.
  2. These lists also make it clear to people that you are sharing instructions and not general advice.
  3. After all, when a reader scans an article and sees long paragraphs, they may not quickly be able to tell whether those paragraphs provide helpful instructions or a bunch of rambling text!

Showing Yourself in Your Hub Helps it Come Across as More Genuine

It is also a great way to build rapport with your readers and develop a fan base.
It is also a great way to build rapport with your readers and develop a fan base. | Source

Keep Your Visitors Engaged with a Video

Including a Video Capsule at the end of your Hub may:

  • Keep visitors on your page for longer periods of time (Google monitors how much time readers spend on pages to determine how high they should be ranked)
  • Provide visitors with additional information that you have not covered in your Hub
  • Cater to the needs of visual learners who derive more value from visual-spacial demonstrations than text

Make sure to watch any video you choose in its entirety to make sure that it is relevant and of high quality. We encourage you to create original videos to include in your Hubs whenever possible.


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