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Home Water Coolers

Updated on December 3, 2010

>>>The best selling water cooler on Amazon, Avanti Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, is a good cheap home water cooler.

Home water coolers seem like an unnecessary extravagance if you’ve never really thought about it.  I mean everyone has water, right?  It’s not to you look at the convenience that these home water coolers bring that you realize how important they are.  Now if you have terrible tap water like most older water lines that have tons of iron or sulfur in their water you immediately can see the benefit.  But beyond this obvious benefit let’s look at some more of the normal applications and how just about anyone, no matter their drinking water, will benefit.

We all know we’re supposed to get 8 glasses a day of drinking water.  However, when asked, a majority of people admit that they don’t get enough water to drink.  Now whether this is due to the fact that we are constantly on the go and don’t have time to drink water or that it’s not convenient because the tap water tastes chlorinated and you don’t want to have to keep refilling the water pitcher all the time, a home water cooler can help that.  These coolers can sit conveniently in the kitchen so that every time you go to get a drink there will be cold water waiting right by the glasses or they can be located elsewhere like in a living room or home office to provide extra convenience of getting a quick drink and then going back to what you were doing.  And by making access to not just drinkable but great tasting water easy everyone will increase their water consumption; something that’s been proven to increase health and resistance to disease.

Home Water Coolers and What You Need to Know

So if you’re looking to get a home water cooler, you’re going to want to decide on some of the features and options that you have. The biggest decision you’ll need to make is whether you want a bottled water cooler or a point of use water cooler. The bottled water coolers are the most popular option in that they provide very easy access to chilled drinking water. Because they have a bottled water supply they can be placed just about anywhere. The downside is that the bottle will eventually run out of water and need to be replaced. On the other hand, the point of use (POU) water cooler (or plumbed in water cooler as they’re sometimes called) is plumbed into a water line and will a near infinite supply of water which never needs replacing. However, because they are plumbed this requires it to be located near a water line which will limit the locations you can put it. Some of the advanced POU water coolers will have filtration and even mineralization options built right in (the mineralization option keeps an optimum amount of essential minerals in the water).

If you choose to go with the bottled water cooler there are two options for equipping the cooler with water. The first is to purchase your own plastic bottles which can come in 2, 3 and 5 gallon sizes. This is nice because the 5 gallon water cooler bottles can be very heavy (weighing over 40 lbs) and difficult to change depending on your strength. The smaller sizes are perfect for singles or couples that only need a little water each week. The other option for the bottled water cooler is to go with a water cooler delivery service. These services will deliver fresh spring water to you on a weekly (or more or less) basis that really only costs about $1 per gallon. The one drawback is that you’ll have to have a place to store the extra water bottles such as the garage or entry room.

Some of the more popular brands such as GE, Avanti and Oasis offer home water coolers that have both cold and hot water options. I personally love the hot water option that provides hot water on demand. I use it almost every day in the winter to make instant oatmeal, tea and hot chocolate. It saves me a ton of time in the morning when I’m trying to leave on-time to have my tea ready without having to heat the water in a tea kettle. The hot water option comes with a built in childproof button that is a little tricky to use but pretty easy once you get the hang of it.

All of the coolers come with a removable drip tray which makes cleaning water coolers a breeze. Warranties are also standard with these home water dispensers although each brand has a slightly different policy so double check to see what kind of deal your getting (5 years is pretty standard). When looking for cheap home water coolers, the best bet is to check out a major retailer such as Amazon. Because they deal in volume they often will have the best prices and usually free shipping. Another option is to check out some of the specialty retailers online as they mainly deal with water coolers and might just have an amazing deal (plus the customer service is usually better there too). Whichever way you choose to go, the luxury of a home water cooler will pay for itself many times over.


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