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Home and Decor Must Haves

Updated on March 17, 2016

What makes a home look really special? Every home is different and every home is a sanctuary to its owner, yet some homes clearly look nicer than others. Many times it is the details that count most. Lovely interior design can be achieved by being careful of the little things. Some things that make a home look special are as follows:

Use Baskets and Ladders.

Baskets are wonderful home accents. Inexpensive yet beautiful, baskets are functional and serve many purposes. Baskets come in all shapes and sizes. Ladders are another functional item that can be decorative. How can ladders be decorative? Quilt collections can be well displayed on ladders or graduated shelves. Other coverings like blankets can be used in the same way.


Statues are attention- grabbers and conversation pieces. Statues can be used indoors and outdoors in the case of a garden. Statues look very well displayed next to plants or book shelves. Thrift store hunting for statues can be great fun. Each little statue has a personality of its own and will give a totally different feeling to the room that it is in. What type of statue do you like? For indoors, small statues are usually preferable. There are notable exceptions, as when someone finds a very special large piece.

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Hurricane Candle Lamps

Candles are always decorative and lend ambience to a room. The amount and type of lighting in a room is one of the most important factors in interior design. Some achieve this more than others, however. One of the most striking examples is a hurricane candle lamp. These can be hard to find and are generally expensive when you do find them. Online auction websites can be a good source to find the lamps.

Collect Pitchers

Pitchers are a necessary item in a home as they are needed for pouring beverages. Pitchers can and should be displayed in a meaningful fashion. This could be on shelves, in a china cabinet for a more formal look or even hung up on hooks. They come in all shapes and sizes. The designs can be striking. Pitchers are eminently collectible.

Some of these small items will add a powerful effect, much more so than you may think. Statues, lamps and pitchers are all evocative d├ęcor items that lend a feeling to a home. Baskets and ladders are functional and look memorable. Can you get these items and have a lovely interior design?


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    • livetech profile image

      livetech 17 months ago from United Kingdom

      A good hanging basket with nice plants inside are always quick and easy additions to the home and garden! Thanks for the info on Hurricane Candle Lamps, first time I have heard of them