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Home made cleaning supply's

Updated on June 19, 2013

The cost of these commercial, chemical-based products can be high -- long term health concerns for the family, and environmental pollution caused by their manufacture and disposal. In the US, for example, 1 in 3 people suffer from allergies, asthma, sinusitis or bronchitis (US National Center for Health Statistics). Treatment for these conditions should include reducing synthetic chemicals in the home environment.If you have borax,baking soda,white vinegar,soap bars,corn starch,lemon and lemon oil,alcohol,washing soda which can safely be used in place of commercial household products.

On a tight budget or just don't like all those toxins they put in all the cleaners. Well i am going to share a few ideas that will be better for you your home and your family.

Carpet Cleaner

Spray Bottle


Baking soda


Put the funnel in to the spray bottle and poor the hydrogen peroxide and then add a handful of baking soda.Shake up the solution and start spraying on carpet stains and also works good on clothes stains to.

Urine Remover

1 cup Hydrogen Peroxide

3 Tbs Baking Soda


Spray bottle

Few drops dish soap

Pour the hydrogen peroxide in to a bowl then add baking soda mix until the baking soda dissolve.Grab the funnel and use it to pour the mixture in to the spray bottle add a few drops of dish soap then shake and spray spray spray.I used it on a mattress and on stains on the carpet to.I let mine sit for a bit when i came back it was just about gone.very little work put in to it.

Dishwasher Detergent

2 cups Borax

2 cups Arm & Hammer washing soda

2 Packets lemonade unsweetened Kool-aid (only lemonade or your dishes could stain from the colors)

1/4 cup Kosher salt

Combine all the ingredients in a bowl stir well until mixed.Pour in to a airtight container and shake every know and then as it can get a little hard on the bottom.Time to wash the dishes put a table spoon in to each load ,wash on hot.Filmy residue can form so i add white vinegar to the area where you would put cascade rinse.

Home made fabric softener

6 cups Water

3 cups White vinegar

2 cups Hair conditioning

Grab a 1 gallon container or bucket mix water,vinegar and hair conditioner in the container DO NOT SHAKE it will cause foam.Use a measuring cup or old container and use the same amount as you would normally use in your rinse cycle.Other idea is spray a wash cloth and throw in the dryer to dry with the clothes.

Home Made Furniture Dusting Spray

2 Ts Olive oil

1/2 Ts lemon essential oil(or your favorite smelling oil)

1/4 cup White vinegar

1 cup Water

Spray bottle

Mix all the ingredients in the order that is listed into the spray bottle.Seal the bottle and shake well to mix.Time to clean spray on the surface and use a soft cloth to wipe of the dust.

Carpet Cleaner

Spray Bottle


Baking soda


Put the funnel in to the spray bottle and poor the hydrogen peroxide and then add a handful of baking soda.Shake up the solution and start spraying on carpet stainsand also works good on clothes stains to.

Bathroom cleaner:

Cleaning the bathroom is no fun and not easy to do so here is a few tips to make it a little easier to clean.Dryer sheet can cut those stubborn stains they don't have to be new either they can be used ones.Home made bathroom cleaner is easy to.

2 Spray bottle

1 Gallon white vinegar



Fill the bottles half full with white vinegar using the funnel and then fill the rest of the way with water and spray your bathroom.Vinegar is not always the best smell so you could add a little oil my favorite is tea tree oil which has a antibacterial property to it.

All Purpose Cleaner

Create your own all-purpose cleaner by filling a spray bottle with equal parts white vinegar and water. Then, shake up the mixture, and you're ready for your next cleaning spree.This will also works great on mildew by zapping that mold or mildew wherever it lurks.This solution also works great on cleaning windows with out leaving streaks.

Toilet Cleaner:

Toilet cleaner is simple just by, just pour a couple cups of vinegar into the toilet before bed, swish it with a toilet brush in the morning, and flush. This simple strategy will sanitize your toilet and remove those stubborn hard water stains too.


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