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Home safety precautions to take during a severe thunderstorm

Updated on April 24, 2013

They say, "if you can hear thunder you are close to the storm." They also say, "if you can hear thunder, you have not been struck by lightning."They all seem to speak in one voice, that people must be indoors before a thunderstorm. When indoors before a thunderstorm or a tonardo there are home safety precautions to be ahered to.

The following are some of the dos' and donts' during a severe storm.Make sure all electric gadgets are switched of and unplugged from the sockets.The reason being lightning is a good conductor of electricity.Make sure candles and flash lights are handy.Battery-powered radio should always be at your disposal to keep you informed about the changes in the weather.Never use a portable generator in the home because it emits carbon monoxide which is poisonous and detrimental to health.

All mobile phones should be switched off and only use them in emergency.Children should be told the emergency number of their country and taught how to make an emergency call.Have a mobile battery charger handy in case the batteries of the mobile phones become flat.If there is a member of the family who uses a ventilator, a back up power should always be arranged in advance.

Don't take a bath or wash dishes during a thunderstorm because water is a superb conductor of electricity.Wear rubber shoes during a storm, they would protect you in the event of a lightning strike.Children must not play with metal objects.Everyone in the house should remove metal watches, metal bangles and metal jewellery during a thunderstorm.Playing with door handles and metal objects should be avoided during a thunderstorm.Keep distance from open windows and open door entrances.Dangerous debris can enter the house through those openings.

If there is a tornado or high winds go to the basement of the house. Store enough food and fresh water in the house.Have a drill before the storm on how to escape in the event of an emergency.It is good wisdom to invest on storm doors to minimise the impact of outdoor debris driven into the house by high winds. Make all the necessary precautions before the storm.Don't be found wanting like the biblical, ten bridemaids,when the storm looms.The time to act is now - procastination is the thief of time.


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