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Home Inventory List

Updated on June 13, 2010

Home inventory lists are very easy to make and there are home inventory templates available. To create a home inventory list, the first thing to do is to plan out what you intend to have and need, and then to fill it up, and then make sure you have a digital copy online that is uploaded perhaps to your virtual document backup bank or an external hard drive, or even just photocopies, in case something happens and you lose the originals. It is useful to refer to a sample inventory sheet before making one of your own.

Usually, one of the most helpful times you can use a home inventory list is when you need to claim insurance. Perhaps a fire broke out in your house or burglars and vandals came in to take a sightsee. A home inventory list would definitely benefit you greatly when that happens as you now have something concrete to signify your loss. Of course other means of proof would still be needed.

To quickly set up the list, what you need to watch for are the original receipts if you’ve still stored them. Going through your house and its contents, make sure to write down the brand and model of the equipment inside. Perhaps you have a television, its brand would be in a rather obvious place, to look for its model, you should look at its back. This is a good point to note how much it costs (your receipt will help) and where you bought it from (again your receipt will help greatly). These steps are helpful in replacement, although usually for electronics the next time you swing by for it it will be cheaper.

Lastly, if applicable, it would be prudent to get a serial number on that device. Of course for items like Sofas or Porcelain plates that might not be available. Still, try to keep track of the date purchased and the price paid for every single item that you will find valuable in your house. You never know when the things you have taken down will come in useful in the future. You’ll know exactly how many of light bulbs and kitchen tools you will need to get or replace.

For further tips on refining that inventory list, check out the hub on home inventory spreadsheets


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