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Homely Decorating Ideas for the Outdoor Patio

Updated on November 12, 2013


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If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor patio, think carefully and decide whether you are making good use of this space.

Many homeowners neglect to use it to its full potential or they delegate it as a second thought and put off decorating until they have time or money.

Patios are great for a multitude of purposes and it is worth investing time and money to ensure they match and complete the rest of the house.

Here are my ideas to make the outdoor patio a useable and liveable space.

Outdoor Patio Decorating Ideas

All round sliding patio doors ensures the area can be used in cold and hot weather.

During summer, the doors can slide sideways to create a summer seating area.

If your patio is attached to your living room, continue the same style of décor for a uniformed look.

If your budget is limitless, you can also install a retractable roof.

A year round hangout place can also be created by installing outdoor patio heaters. Most models also double up as a BBQ that is great family fun for roasting marshmallows. Alternatively wall mounted or free standing heating lamps also ward off the cold weather.

There is an immense range of durable patio furniture now available from all major stockists. Single chairs are popular especially if you plan to have guests around. If you decide on wood furniture, remember to seal it with a protective coat every year. Likewise, steel furniture should be safety stored away in rainy weather. Cushions are susceptible to moisture and mildew so store these indoors when not in use.

Patio lighting should focus on the main seating area and all paths leading to it. Lights are sold in a variety of styles and can be wall mounted; free standing or floodlights can be installed at the side of pathways. People living in countries with hot weather should opt for solar panels to save on energy costs.

Do you need privacy but don’t want to build a tall fence? Instead, opt for a hedge or climbing shrubs. They add colour to a dull area and if you do not want to wait for them to grow, buy them ready grown from your local garden centre.

If space allows it, water features greatly complement a patio area. They can be elaborate leading into a small, fish filled pond or a simple birdbath that attracts wildlife. Water features also promote an ambience of nature, which is helpful in reducing stress.

To add further personality, fill your patio area with plants. Large terracotta pots filled with green shrubbery always complement most colour schemes and if space is lacking, hanging baskets work well. If you are a keen gardener, set up a potting bench for the rustic, old English cottage look.

Decorating Checklist

  • Patio doors and retractable roof
  • Outdoor patio heaters
  • Wall mounted or free standing heating lamps
  • Durable patio furniture
  • Patio lighting
  • Privacy using fences, hedge, or climbing shrubs
  • Water features
  • Plants, green shrubbery and flowers
  • Large umbrella
  • Flooring: Wooden patio deck or paving

Weather wise, you should purchase at least one large umbrella for shade during the summer days.Alternatively if you have trees, hang a swinging hammock between them. If your budget is limitless, retractable shades can also be installed from the roof.

Last but not least, think about the flooring.

Wooden patio decks promote an upmarket and luxurious look while paving if done right, can be very oriental.

Do not try to save money on this area by skipping step-by-step processes.

It is important that if the flooring is to last many years that it is installed by a professional.


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