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Homemade Pot Scrubber and Dish Cloth

Updated on November 21, 2011

Pot Scrubber Dish Cloth

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Onion Bag Netting, Pot Scrubber with Cotton Yarn
Onion Bag Netting, Pot Scrubber with Cotton Yarn
Onion Bag Netting, Pot Scrubber with Cotton Yarn | Source

How to recycle Onion Bag Netting

Homemade Crocheted Pot Scrubber/Dish Cloth

I'm always thinking about how to cut down on garbage and successful ways to recycle everything. One day as I was about to toss the orange colored netting that held onions, I took a good look at the thing. A light bulb went off in my head! What if I cut the ends off the bag, then cut the netting into strips, tie the strip together and crochet it into a round shape? So I did, however, the netting was to frail and fell apart before I could shape it. Oh well... back to the drawing board.

The next time I bought onions they came in a Orange Plastic Net Bag! I did the same process. It worked! However, I crocheted acrylic yarn around the circle, and the acrylic yarn stained. So, once again I started over, but used cotton yarn instead. The cotton yarn cleaned well and I was able to put the scrubber/dish cloth in a small container with a few drops of bleach with some warm water and dish washing soap to get some stains out. (I was not able to remove stains with the acrylic yarn.)

The scrubber took off all the stuff on the bottom of my pots and pans, with ease and the cotton part of the dish cloth finished the rest of the washing job! I haven't bought steel wool since I made these Pot Scrubber Dish Cloths.

I never have to store it in a special place or search for a steel wool pad anymore. So I save time and money! I'm new to crocheting so I can't really give the best directions, but here goes, anyway.

After tying the onion bag strips together make a crocheted chain, about 10 chains. Go into the first chain and use a single crochet stitch then continue going into each chain stitch until all the netting is used up and it looks like a circle. Use two bags if you want a bigger scrubber. Then use cotton yarn and crochet it together. I did a single crochet stitch then two chains then back to a single crochet until I got the dish cloth to the size I wanted. I wanted the cotton to be fluffy, sort of like a sponge for the dish washing purpose.

I'm sorry if my instructions are not the best... but you pros will know exactly how to do it. For all the beginners out there, (like myself) please search "Crocheting for Beginners or How to Crochet a circle pattern."

Until we meet again... Francesca27


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    • profile image

      ajthesmeagol 6 years ago

      My mom will love this.

    • profile image

      beachbaby 6 years ago

      Very Cute idea:)

    • profile image

      gidget911 6 years ago

      What a great idea--I'll have to try it.

    • profile image

      jbhearn95 6 years ago

      Another good way to recycle! Thanks.

    • WandasHomePlace profile image

      WandasHomePlace 6 years ago

      A very useful household product. Every home should have one!

    • profile image

      annamaria123 6 years ago

      What a neat idea! A really wonderful way of recycling and having some fun with crocheting! I think I will try this! Thank you Francesca27!

    • Francesca27 profile image

      Francesca27 6 years ago from Hub Page

      You're talking my language, Chonetta!

    • profile image 6 years ago

      Here is something I'd like to do. Seems simple and should be a quick and useful project. It doesn't have to be perfect since its for scrubbing pots.