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Homeowner's Hacks to Help You Find A Reliable Cleaner

Updated on April 30, 2017
Hiring a reliable cleaning service is a decision that accrues multiple benefits
Hiring a reliable cleaning service is a decision that accrues multiple benefits

Whether you are a proud owner of a home, office or both, having a reliable cleaner close at hand is a must to ensure the upkeep of your premises.

Given the hectic lifestyle that most people follow nowadays, it is difficult to take time out for cleaning on a daily basis. Yet it is a task that cannot be ignored and this is where a reliable cleaner comes into the picture. Rather than allow dirt and grime to settle down, you can hire a maid or a professional cleaning service that would render your premises spotless and hygienic within no time and with minimal effort.

Dusting, vacuum cleaning and stain removal are some tasks that need to be carried out frequently. While you may not have time to attend to them, all you need is a reliable cleaner close at hand to look after the job for you. It could be an individual or a cleaning service depending on your preferences.

Dusting, vacuum cleaning and removal of stains are some of the chores that a reliable cleaner handles
Dusting, vacuum cleaning and removal of stains are some of the chores that a reliable cleaner handles

Hiring a reliable cleaner will enable you to –

  • Maintain clean premises despite your busy schedule
  • Focus on other core aspects of your life like family time, children and career
  • Not worry at all about equipment and cleaning agents
  • Enjoy clean and pristine surroundings
  • Experience positive thinking and an overall feeling of well being

Why Should You Look For A Reliable Cleaning Service?

Cleaning is an inevitable part of life and one which often causes plenty of stress. The very thought that you will have to repeat the process every couple of days is truly frustrating and worrisome. So rather than suffer the negative effects of stress, why not think in terms of hiring help in form of a reliable cleaner?

Although this decision might cost you a pocketful, it can accrue several advantages. Some of the ways in which you stand to benefit from having a reliable cleaner on your payroll are –

Effective cleaning – For a cleaning service, delivering an impeccable performance is the key to remaining in business. A reliable cleaner would strive towards this objective by acquiring training and using the right equipment. So by hiring such a service to clean up your premises, you can rest assured that every aspect of cleaning will be handled with expertise and efficiency.

Improved time management – Employees of a professional cleaning service are trained to carry out the various cleaning tasks using appropriate solutions and equipment. This in turn results in timely completion of the tasks without any compromise on the quality front. At the end of the day, not only do you end up with a dirt-free surroundings but also with some monetary savings as a result of timely completion. .

Reduced risk – One of the hallmarks of a reliable cleaner is trustworthiness, not to mention experience. These cause a drastic cut-down in the risk factor, meaning while entrusting your home to such a service, you need not be worried about losing your possessions, breakages or misplacement.

Often a professional cleaning service levies charges as per the number of hours spent on the task. From this it follows that in case of a reliable cleaner, the cost will work out to be quite reasonable. In return you will have acquired a clean home, not to mention having had the time to de-stress and relax.

Benefits of Hiring A Reliable Cleaner

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How to Hire a Reliable Cleaner

Assuming that you have decided in favour of hiring a professional cleaning service, there are certain points that you need to bear in mind while going through the selection process. After all, not all cleaning services are born equal and the onus is on you to conduct research and use it to take an informed decision.

To this effect, outlined as follows are some guidelines that would enable you to avoid pitfalls while choosing a reliable cleaner for your premises –

License to clean – Unlike the verbal license that has been given to James Bond to kill, the license held by cleaning service is a physical document that certifies the legal status of the firm. Therefore, whenever you interact with a cleaning service, you must make it a point to check their license and ascertain that it is valid and authentic. Failure to produce one on part of the service implies that it may be illegal and hence should be best avoided.

Insurance – For the cleaner to be as reliable as he claims to be, having insurance is a must. Not only should you ensure that it has an insurance policy to cover any damage that might have been inadvertently caused but also find out which items are covered under the clause of accidental damage.

Budget – This is one of the most important parts of discussion because it could have a bearing on the outcome. While considering prices, you must make it a point to steer clear of the cheapest offers as these often turn out to be too good to be true. Rather than settle for a lower price and fret over unsatisfactory results, you might as well pay a little more and hire a cleaning service that would fulfil its promises.

Flexibility – Finding a reliable cleaner that is flexible enough to customize the cleaning schedule as per your requirements is strongly recommended. It might take a bit longer to find such a service but the efforts are worth it as you will have the flexibility to plan the cleaning task as in weekly, fortnightly or monthly and so on. This works out be not just convenient but also in keeping with the cleaning requirement of your premises.

Testimonials – While asking for testimonials provided by past clients is a must, what you ought to be cautious of is false reviews. A time-tested way of ascertaining this entails getting in touch with past clients of the firm who have written the testimonials and question them in detail as regards the experience. Only when you are satisfied with the answers should you believe that the cleaner is indeed reliable.

Step-by-Step Guidelines for Hiring Reliable Cleaner

Preparing for the Cleaning Service

Hiring a reliable cleaner entails some preparation from your end too wherein you must –

  • Prepare a list of cleaning tasks as per the premises
  • Ascertain beforehand whether the cleaner would be getting the equipment and supplies
  • Discuss the price factor so that you are clear about the charges in lieu of services provided
  • Ensure that the staff is friendly but not overbearing
  • Ask for quotes from various cleaning services and indulge in comparison shopping

Points To Clarify While Hiring Reliable Cleaner

While the notion of hiring a reliable cleaner to maintain your premises is good, there is a distinct possibility of all your efforts being wasted if you miss out on certain points. Since you are going to pay for the services, it is important to make the most of the opportunity and this is best ensured by addressing certain aspects upfront.

To this effect, some details, both major and minor that need to be clarified are –

Availability of the cleaning service – Is the reliable cleaner in a position to provide you with his services exactly when you require? Some cleaners offer round-the-clock services while others are available during specific hours which they may or may not mention clearly. So you need to take up the initiative and find out if the cleaner would provide services at the time when you require. It is better that this point is clarified beforehand so that you are clear as to whether or not to proceed to the next level.

Cleaning schedule that a reliable cleaner offers to clients
Cleaning schedule that a reliable cleaner offers to clients

Providing clear instructionsAlthough the cleaner is trained in his job, what he would truly appreciate from you is a comprehensive list of instructions as regards the chores to be performed. Preparing such a list for the cleaner would enable him to figure out where he should focus his energy and prevent wastage of time, effort and resources.

Accessibility – Under no circumstances should you forget to discuss the accessibility issue with the reliable cleaner that you have selected. This implies telling him the exact time at which he should be there so as to be granted accessibility. Missing out on this point would not just cause confusion but also delay the work owing to the cleaner being unable to commence work.

Reading the fine print prior to signing on the agreement is a must
Reading the fine print prior to signing on the agreement is a must

Going through the fine print – You must never ignore this step, how much ever tempting it might seem. By going through the fine print together, both you and the cleaner would be aware of the terms and conditions of the agreement. This in turn would ensure that expectations on both sides are clearly defined.

Sharing additional details – Information like pets or children in the house needs to be shared with the cleaner in order to avoid last-minute surprises. The intention is to provide sufficient time for the cleaner to gauge the situation and plan his tasks accordingly. In case the cleaner is uncomfortable around pets or does not want children around when the cleaning task is in progress, you will also have sufficient time to make alternate arrangements.

Important questions that you must ask prior to hiring any cleaning service
Important questions that you must ask prior to hiring any cleaning service

FAQs’ for Reliable Cleaner Prior To Hiring

Part of the dealing also entails posing a few questions pertaining to the services being provided as also the company. Given that the deal is still in its early stages, following are some of the questions that you must ask the reliable cleaner –

Are you a local operator?

Posing this query would reveal to you the areas in which the reliable cleaner operates and whether his jurisdiction encompasses your premises. It would also enable you to gauge his scope of operation, meaning whether he operates only in close vicinity or is capable of travelling to the next town in either direction to offer his services.

Do you sub-contract work?

There are times when rather than sending in their own employees, cleaning services sub-contract the work to a smaller firm in lieu of a fee. For you this might translate into a totally different set of workers arriving at your premises, thus putting a big question mark on safety and security. Asking this question is important because not only will it enable you to ascertain who will do the work for you but also whether the employees of the sub-contractor have undergone background checks.

Who will supervise the work and how often will the supervision occur?

The reply to this question will enable you to judge how organized the firm is about its work and whether the owner is responsible enough to keep an eye on his employees. A reliable cleaner would always ensure the presence of a supervisor when the cleaning task is in progress and would also pay a visit to the site once in a while to check on things.

Do you check your employees’ background and other information?

Since the employee would be working in your premises, it is only fair to ask if it would be safe to have him around. A reliable cleaner always performs background checks on his employees since this has a direct bearing on security.

What if the regular cleaner is unable to make it?

It is quite possible that one day the regular cleaner might call in sick and hence fail to turn up. Under the circumstances, it is the cleaning service’s responsibility to provide a substitute that is equally good, if not better, to handle the task.

FAQs' - Being cautious always pays off well
FAQs' - Being cautious always pays off well

Final Word

By hiring a reliable cleaner, you end up 'killing two birds with a single stone'. Not only do you acquire a clean and hygienic home but will also have enjoyed a much needed break from daily chores.

Sanitary conditions at home lead to clarity in thought and this in turn leads to positive thinking and an overall feeling of physical and mental well being. It may not be mentally and physically possible for you all the time to indulge in cleaning and in such situations the option of hiring a reliable cleaner is both viable and convenient. Of course you need to be aware of the nuances involved in the process of hiring. But once you are cognizant of the guidelines, it is just a matter of time before the benefits flow in and render life so much easier for you.

What you need to realize is that the process of hiring services of a reliable cleaner is not as overwhelming as long as you know how to go about it and avoid pitfalls along the way.


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