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Hoop Greenhouse

Updated on March 8, 2010
hoop greenhouse
hoop greenhouse

Hoop Greenhouse

Building a hoop greenhouse is the easiest greenhouse to build. It does require a functional design and a step by step plan to get the structure up in a couple of hours. You have to calculate with accuracy the quantity of material you need.

At this has been done for you.

Materials Needed For The Hoop Greenhouse:

  • PVC piped one inch schedule 40
  • tie wraps
  • fence clips or staples
  • rebar
  • polyethylene sheeting
  • treated wooden boards

After you decide where you want to place your hoop greenhouse you need to clear and level that spot. Mark out the area and put up stakes in the corners. Now work out the approx. length of the PVC pipes. Work out how many wooden boards by length you will need for the base of the hoop greenhouse, the support frame, the door, and the door itself, and side wall support for the hoop greenhouse.

Divide the length of the hoop greenhouse by 4. Drive rebar into the ground at these spots 3 foot into the ground and 3 foot out of the ground to slide the pvc pipe over.

Now attach the central ridge and then the purlins at the sides. Make the door frame and the end walls for the hoop greenhouse. Stand up the frame with vertical beams driven into the ground, attach the door with hinges, and close off the other end or put another door on this end too.

Stretch the polyethylene film over the entire hoop greenhouse structure and secure it with the tie wraps. Use lumber to weigh it down at the base.

With the proper design and plans building a hoop greenhouse is a fun enjoyable activity for yourself or with your family or friends.

Get easy to follow step by step instructions to build your hoop greenhouse here.


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