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Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge F5914-900 Review

Updated on December 11, 2010

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“This machine cleans carpets really well. In fact it cleans as well as a commercial carpet cleaner. I’ve saved a lot of money using this cleaner than if I had hired someone.”

“I used the Hoover to clean up pet stains and it completely got rid of the stain and the smell. This is an A+ steamer.”

“I used this a few times already and its pretty simple to use and it does an excellent job. It sucks most of the water away so that the carpet can dry up fast.”

"Bought this device on Amazon since it had the lowest price."

Do you need to have your carpet steam cleaned? There are many brands of steam cleaners out there, but none are as good as the Hoover SteamVac Carpet Cleaner with Clean Surge, F5914-900. This is a very powerful steam vacuum which allows you to steam clean yourself. There’s no need to hire professionals and spend lots of money anymore. There are two speeds on this carpet cleaner. If your carpet needs some deep cleaning, then set it to high. A trigger on this unit allows you to release hot water with carpet cleaner to get rid of the tougher stains. It also has a clean surge feature that releases extra cleaning solution on stains. Once you are finished cleaning, the SteamVac will dry the carpet.

There are two separate tanks for holding clean and dirty water. One tank holds the cleaning agent and water while the other holds the dirty water. It’s easy to empty the dirty water. Just pull out the tank and dump it out.

If you have hard surface floors, then I would recommend using the Eureka 313A Enviro Hard-Surface Floor Steamer. It is the best floor steamer available.


  • Powerful 12-amp motor; deep cleans with hot tap water and carpet solution
  • Five spinning/scrubbing brushes clean carpets, upholstery, bare floors
  • Clean Surge feature gives extra burst of cleaning solution for spots or stains
  • Two water tanks separate clean from dirty water
  • Brush rotation indicator; 8-foot hose


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