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Hoover SteamVac: Description and Review

Updated on February 14, 2013

The Hoover SteamVac is not one of the most popular carpet steam cleaners for no reason. With its 7.1 amp motor, its one gallon storage tank, and its dual static brushes, the SteamVac is very well-equipped. It even has the capacity, as a steam cleaner, to clean in both forward and reverse motions. This results in less time spent cleaning for the consumer, since areas of carpet can be cleaned without always having to push the device in a forward facing direction. When you buy the SteamVac, not only do you get all of its features for under two hundred dollars, but it also comes with a 16oz bottle of Hoover's patented Deep Cleansing Solution for no additional charge.

The SteamVac by Hoover is outfitted with a 20' cord, leaving plenty of room for the user to both navigate freely through spaces while cleaning, and at the same time maintain a neatness that would be otherwise lost to a longer power cord. The warranty for the Hoover Steam Vac is good for 1 year after purchase, and the unit is sold in both the United States and Canada.

A vacuum's grip type is very important to some consumers, and for this reason the SteamVac is fitted with a comfortable and practical "D-shaped" handle. The D-shaped handle is among the most ergonomic and comfortable available handle variations, and serves the SteamVac's performance quite well by making it comfortable to operate for longer periods of time. The nozzle width is 11.25 inches long, making it a very effective size for cleaning since it can access hard to reach areas, while still having the width to clean areas efficiently. With regard to the Hoover Steam Vac's ease of emptying, it is again, a leader in its class. Reviews of this product consistently suggest that it is one of the simplest vacuums to empty and clear that is available in today's market.

Another aspect of the Hoover Steam Vac that has made it so popular is its ease of assembly. The buyer of a brand new SteamVac need only have a screwdriver to assemble their unit, and the assembly itself is quite simple. On that note, it is important to point out one of the biggest and most consumer friendly reasons to invest in a Hoover SteamVac is the ease with which it can be repaired and also the ease of finding and ordering spare parts for the unit. Literally every single piece of the SteamVac's assembly can be found and ordered on Hoover's website, and from other various retailers. This makes the SteamVac very attractive in the sense that it will always be able to be cheaply, easily, and reliably repaired and serviced.

Pragmatics and practicality in mind, the Hoover Steam Vac was engineered to have incredibly powerful suction in order to effectively deep-clean carpeting. This patented high-suction technology is made possible by the unit's impressive 7.1 amp motor, combined with its duel static brushes. Never before has such a compact unit of its class been able to achieve such outstanding suction power when applied to carpeting.

If a consumer is not persuaded by the mountain of impressive specifications held by the SteamVac, then they need only refer to the multitude of positive reviews by other buyers posted not only on Hoover's website, but on other retailer's websites as well. The vast majority of these reviews indicate very positive experiences with the SteamVac overall, and most of them suggest that the people who bought a SteamVac were satisfied with their purchase. The only complaint that seems to emerge with any level of consistency is that the SteamVac unit can tend to be somewhat noisy, but this is truly a very small price to pay for such a compact, convenient, and easily operated carpet cleaning unit. Overall, the Hoover Steam Vac has proven extensively by its success in the market that simplicity is beautiful, and ease of operation is paramount to the success or failure of any consumer product.


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