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Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum U5140-900

Updated on May 20, 2010

Considering the Hoover Tempo Upgright Vacuum

Recently I was considering replacing my old Eureka Vacuum that has been by my side for a dozen years.  It’s been good equipment, but it’s running it’s course. So I decided to browse the Web for an inexpensive Vacuum Cleaner.  I checked the most popular online sources:  Amazon, BestBuy, and was not surprised to find that this one particular model the Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum U5140-900 was “Best Selling”.

So I dug a little deeper and started reading reviews from both customers who purchased this Hoover Vacuum Cleaner and Online consumer agencies.  I cam across a review at Consumer Research that selected this mode the U5140-900 as one of their best.

The Pro’s an cons as stated by Consumer Research:

  • Lightweight – 16lbs
  • Includes Allergen Filter
  • Low emission
  • Very Inexpensive

Stated Cons:

  • Power Chord is only 25’
  • Best for carpeting not bare floors

That’s a pretty powerful endorsement at this price range for a vacuum cleaner.  Amazon has 1,833 User reviews of the Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum that collectively give it a 4.5 Star Rating.  This is Amazon’s best selling product in the Home and Garden Category.

Positive Reviews:

Despite the rave reviews here on amazon and on other sites, I was not expecting much with such a low price. My expectations were certainly rewarded with an amazing value, a great vacuum, and the usual Amazon speedy delivery.

The Hoover vaccuum is one of the top value choices via consumer reports and we just decided to give it a shot and we haven't been dissapointed. We have a small apartment and we really only use it on two smaller rugs and some bare floors, but we've had nothing but success with this product. The extension cord is PLENTY long, though we have a smaller apt. with outlets everywhere, but it's probably 20+ ft. long I would estimate.

Average Reviews

If you're looking for a vacuum that does the job, but with no bells and whistles, this is for you. This vacuum has good suction. It's a bit noisier than others and the brushes do not stop spinning when using the hose which causes a higher pitched sound. The cord is stored in an awkward position behind the hose. I would recommend this as a starter vacuum or for someone who just wants the job done.

I give it 3 stars because it has excellent suction and is a good buy for the $$ if you're a big fellow. It's not the vacuum for the 5'4" 125 lb woman. Gave it to my parents and am buying something else.

Poor Reviews

I have a family of seven and three dogs. Therefore, I need a vacuum that can perform. At first I was very happy with this vacuum. It was lightweight and picked up the dirt. After 4 months, I started smelling a burning smell and the vacuum stopped picking up dirt. I checked the belt and cleaned the rotating brush of hair. I put it back together and the vacuum just would not pick up any dirt. I am going to look for something heavy-duty. I got this vacuum cleaner for my mom and she is doing okay with it but they don't have the traffic I do going through the house. This vacuum is okay if you want something lightweight and have a small family.

I bought this vacuum cleaner less than a year ago. I bought it because my last vacuum cleaner was a Hoover, and I loved it. It lasted well over 10 years with no problems. This vacuum cleaner, however is a disappointment. After a while, i noticed that it did not pick up like it used to. I had to pass the same spot several times in order to get up loose dirt. Then last week it died. While vacuuming the living room, I spelled something burning and shut it off. After opening it up, I found the belt torn. So I went to the store and replaced it with a brand new one, thinking that this was the problem. But immediately after turning the vacuum on again, the burning smell returned, and the brand new belt snapped.

I suppose there is no perfect product but the Hoover Tempo seems like a pretty good deal considering it’s low cost.

Hoover Tempo Vacuum Cleaner

Pictured:  Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum U5140-900
Pictured: Hoover Tempo Widepath Upright Vacuum U5140-900


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