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Gorgeous Horse Wall Murals - Huge Equestrian Wall Stickers for the Bedroom

Updated on April 5, 2012

Horse Wall Stickers

Horse Wall Stickers are a great way to bring our love for the equestrian into our home. Horse owners adore their fine steeds and they quickly become a large part of their life. Celebrate this by adding a huge wall mural depicting horses in your bedroom.

These wall murals are made from vinyl and are completely removable.  The backing of the wall stickers include a low-tack adhesive that is enough to hold the sticker to the wall without causing damage to the surface of the wall.  That makes them a wonderful choice if you are concerned about the possibility of changing the décor in the future. Finely detailed with high resolution printing, these wall stickers are easy to affix to the wall and are guaranteed to make an instant transformation in the bedroom.

Whether your love is trail riding, showing horses, or the finely carved wooden carousel horses, there is a wall mural that will fit your desire.

Horse Wall Murals

One of my personal favorite styles is the black silhouette of horses running free.  The shape is easily recognizable as that of a galloping horse and yet the simplicity and elegance of the monochromatic wall sticker makes it a wonderful addition to virtually any room.

Compare the prices of these wall stickers to similarly sized framed art.  These are a mere fraction of the price and yet they offer a tremendous benefit to the décor of the room.  

Horse Wall Murals
Horse Wall Murals

Horse Wall Murals as Gifts

Do you have a horse lover in your life? If so, then consider giving one of these elegant and beautifully detailed wall stickers as a gift.  Horse lovers will adore receiving such a thoughtful gift that represents such a big part of their lives.

Of course, kids love wall stickers and most will enjoy receiving one of these murals to decorate their room with.  It is a great way to encourage their burgeoning imagination and is something that is extremely positive in their lives.


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    • profile image

      Horsecrazyy 3 years ago

      I love every animal. But horses are my fave. I can't imagine a life without them. I ride a Connemara called tinsel every week and he is a dream to gallop on. Every time I'm on a horse I'm just free. So I think these horse stickers are great. They remind me of the adorable animals they really are.

    • profile image

      HorseLover4Ever 5 years ago

      I'm reprinting my room soon in horse theme because horses are my life and my soul. Without them, I am a nothing. Every weekend I ride a cute grey Arabian named Lucky. He's awesome and I want a grey Arab on my wall now

    • WallStickerDecals profile image

      WallStickerDecals 6 years ago from US

      My son loves horses! And this one might suite for him!

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 7 years ago from London, UK

      I love horses and they are absolutely beautiful