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Hot Pink Lamp

Updated on March 16, 2011

Hot Pink Decor

The color pink has been used in room design for a very long time. The addition of a hot pink lamp to a room's decor is a way to add a feminine touch to the room. But do not get me wrong hot pink is not just for girls, this color can be enjoyed by men also.

Most people believe that hot pink is not easy to work into a room's decor, it honestly is not too hard to add into a room's design. Many items are produced in hot pink making it easy to design with this hot color. So if you are looking to add some spice to your home hot pink can do it.

Hot pink items can be found in varying shades of hot pink. For the best look you should stick with the same shades of hot pink through out the decor of a room. Different rooms in the home can have different shades of hot pink without much worry.

Hot Pink Lamp Decor

There are many varieties of hot pink lamps that one can find for sale in stores and on-line. And they do not all have to do with hearts or flowers.

Hot pink lamp shades are the easiest way to add pink to pre-existing lamps. You can also find lamps for sale that come with a pink lamp shade. The lamp shades are usually coned or cylinder in style.

Hot pink table lamps are very popular with students who need extra light to do their homework or other work on their desk. Some types of these lamps have a solid base while others can be clipped onto the table to save space.

Hot pink lamps can be found in most retail stores. If you have a hard time finding them at a local store you may need to go to a specialty home store. There is also a vast array of hot pink lamps for sale at on-line brokers like and eBay.

Hot Pink Lamp
Hot Pink Lamp


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