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Houndstooth Chair

Updated on October 2, 2010

About the Houndstooth Chair

A houndstooth chair can really add classic elegance to any room in your home. Originating in Scotland, the fabric has remained in and out of fashion since that time. Originally composed of only black and white, you can now find houndstooth chairs in a variety of two-toned colors. Often times, furniture designers used shades of other neutral colors such as yellows, browns or golds for their houndstooth chair.

Typically, a houndstooth chair is designed as classically as its fabric which means that most houndstooth chairs would look great in any home. It could be that hint of something unique in the modern home and a tribute to aesthetic quality and beauty in the traditional home.

You can always shop for a houndstooth chair online at sites like or eBay if you have no luck finding them in stores.

Finding the Right Houndstooth Chair for Your Home

While there are more modern style houndstooth chairs and much more traditional styles, it is most important to choose a houndstooth chair that you personally love.

You are not going to enjoy your new houndstooth chair if you have so-so feelings about it before you buy it. Love the houndstooth chair you're purchasing, and you will not suffer from buyer's remorse later on.

A houndstooth chair in classic black and white patterning can honestly go good in anyone's home with any type of decor. Black and white houndstooth patterns are timeless.

There are even houndstooth dining chairs for your dining room table, so if you are looking to add some timeless elegance to your dining area, then houndstooth chairs could be the right choice for you. Pair it with matching houndstooth curtains, and you have a very stylish room.

If your decor is very warm, or if you have very warm furniture, think about finding a houndstooth chair with warmer colors such as brown with cream or gold and yellow.

You should not decorate with a houndstooth chair if your walls are very busy already. You will not need another pattern in the room if you have small-patterned wallpaper with patterned curtains, patterned rugs, and patterned couches.

Houndstooth Chair

Houndstooth Chair
Houndstooth Chair


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