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House Is Hot

Updated on February 28, 2016

You ever had one of those days where you ask yourself what was I thinking? Last night was one of those days...When I got home, the apartment was burning up, giving I am only staying with a friend, and don't actually rent the property..

But, still it had to be about a 100 degrees in the house, and I flipped off the switch to no avail. Later, I got chewed out my by friend, former girlfriend and current roommate...Yes, I do truly understand that saying 'it's complicated, you wouldn't understand"

I just figured it was something that would adjust itself, also don't think I realized it was nearly 100 degrees........and the cat seemed alright, but maybe she was just pretending to be comfortable.

Plus at the time I was the only one here, and I had no clue where the owner of the house and her daughter were. Oh well, cause we were all lucky or blessed this time....and yes, I definitely must be more careful to pay attention to what's around me.....

It's one thing to be absent minded, it's another to be slightly crazy.......Oh well, lesson learned again......


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