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House Rules For Refrigerator Usage

Updated on January 12, 2008

Rules for the Refrigerator.

1. Please do not open refrigerator for comfort reasons. Opening the refrigerator just to make sure nothing has changed and that everything is as it was left earlier uses too much electricity. The contents that were there last week will still be there tomorrow. Repeadtly staring inside the refrigerator is also a sign of A: boredom, or B: mental unbalance.

2. Furthermore, the see-through Tupperware container that has changed colors over the past few months still has no identification and should be left until the owner can

  A. Figure out what it was
  B.Conclude the science 
  experiment currently in 
  progress and properly 
  dispose in an acceptable 
  waste container.

3. Any items in the refrigerator are fair game. Anyone willing attempt eating or drinking any such items does so at their own risk. Unless...

4. Any item marked with an individuals name must include the words "Do not eat" in bold black sharpie marker. This item will remain yours unless

  A: you failed to write the 
  words big enough 
  B: you failed to cover 
  the entire surface of 
  the item with the words 
  "Do not eat" 
  C: the person eyeing 
  your item cannot read. 
  *Consider Mr. Yuk 
  stickers for homes 
  with younger scavengers*

5. It is never ok to eat an item marked "Do not eat". This is not a suggestion. It is never ok to eat an item marked "Do not eat" and simply leave a dollar bill in the container used to hold the food or drink and place back into the refrigerator.

6. The light inside the fridge is not something to play with. It has been proven that when the door is shut, the light goes off. There is no need to further this investigation by trying to beat the light and open it fast enough before it goes on.

7. Always have a box of baking soda inside the fridge to keep it smelling somewhat fresh. Refer to rule #2 and #8 for more explanation on reasons for rule #7.

8. Tuna fish should not be put in fridge without proper containment. This containment must include a lid.

9. Leftovers should be kept in the refrigerator at a minimum. There is a reason they were "left-over".

10. Please do not post entire sheets of paper listing rules for the use of this appliance on the door or any other part of this appliance.


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    • Mary Stuart profile image

      Mary 6 years ago from Washington

      Very funny! I need to post your rules on my refrigerator. I wonder if I will follow them. :)

    • prasadjain profile image

      Dr.S.P.PADMA PRASAD 8 years ago from Tumkur

      useful hints, especialy for men! Because, they know less about household things!