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House Siding: The Different Types

Updated on April 26, 2017
Wood house siding.
Wood house siding.


For most homeowners today, installing new siding can be very daunting. Aside from considering the type that is best for their house, they are also confronted with a lot of amazing quality features. That is why educating themselves about the choices they have in the market is the key to coming up with a final decision that will give them good sleep every night, knowing that they are spending their hard-earned money correctly.


Still the most popular among all the sidings out there because it has been known to be durable, it has various tones and shades to choose from and most of all, it is budget-friendly, just right for every homeowner’s siding budget.

Usually it is still covered by a warranty up to 40 years, easy to maintain, and helps you increase the house energy efficiency. Actually, vinyl is your cheapest option in the market.

The downside is this siding is not waterproof especially when not installed properly. When it is exposed to storms and other natural disasters, it can easily bend and warp. It cannot be repainted too.


Record shows that this is usually used in houses with retro and modern aura located in coastal areas because it effectively protects the occupants from inhaling the salty air of the shores.

Although metal siding can be rusty in the long run, it is very sturdy against any natural calamities. Molds, fungi and even insects can’t grow on it too. The color do not fade. It’s eco-friendly and is not high maintenance. It’s fire resistant as well so it’s great to use in fire prone areas.

The disadvantages, however include: it can become rusty, it is not aesthetically appealing, and can easily dent.


There are also many homeowners who love to use wood siding simply because it can give natural beauty to any house wall. It makes any home inviting to everyone.

Unlike the other types, you can change this siding in small quantity and it is lightweight so it’s very practical to install. It is eco-friendly and can be repainted easily with different colors to choose from. It is perhaps the most energy efficient among all sidings.

The downside is that wood requires high maintenance and it is very prone to fungus, molds and insect infestation as well as damages from water and fire.

Fiber Cement

This is becoming one of the popular choice of most homeowners since it is made out of combining sand, cement and wood. It is purposefully created to look like the natural wooden version of siding.

Because it has cement and sand on it, it is less prone to molds, fungi and insects; thus, it is low maintenance. It is fire resistant and can last up to 15 years with proper care. It also comes with various color options. But after that time, it has to be repainted. There are instances that fiber cement siding delaminated or gapped.


So there you have it. The 4 major types of house siding you will encounter in your shopping. To get more comprehensive information about them, feel free to reach out to your most trusted and experienced siding experts just like the siding contractors in Grosse Ile Michigan.


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