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House Siding: What Affects the Overall Cost

Updated on April 26, 2017
Metal siding.
Metal siding.


In any home improvement project, budget is a top priority. It serves as the backbone of the plan. The scale of the improvement depends on this. The same goes with its overall success or failure.

On another side, if you’re just very lax on the price, neglecting to come up with a very solid budget, you might be surprised to accumulate more expenses as well as miscellaneous ones. At the end, you might run out of money that results to a stop of the project. Worst, you might find yourself applying for loans to add up to your budget.

We don’t want that to happen. So it is very important to know the factors that can affect the cost of the work and come up with the best budget plan possible.

The Quality of the Siding

First off, you need to know that there are different types of siding. Today, we have 9 of them that includes: thatch, wood, stone, plastic, imitation brick, insulated, metal, masonry, and composite. And by the way, you have 5 choices when it comes to wood siding: shingles, clapboards, drop, vertical boards, and sheet. Now, all these various sidings have different advantages and disadvantages.

It just depends on your personal choice after satisfying yourself with all the necessary information about each of them regarding their best usage, durability, style and longevity. Just remember though that cheaper sidings might give you savings at the moment, but if you’re willing to spend a little bit more, those pricey siding usually lasts longer; so you don’t need to replace them often.

The House Exterior Wall Area

Of course, the bigger and longer your property, the more sidings you need to buy. You can’t just put siding on some walls. You’ll need to put siding all around the house to maintain balance and achieve efficacy. Also, the more sidings needed, the more time it requires during the installation.

So another factor to consider is the number of individual siding boards needed and the number of days required to install all of them. Remember that you have to pay labor for the siding installers.

The House Architectural Style

Well, aside from the quality and number of sidings, you’d also consider the style or shape of your house. If you have a complicated house shape with eaves or turrets, the installers will double their labor. They have to reshape the boards to fit the shape before putting them. The same goes for properties with numerous floors or stories. But if you have a house that is shaped like a box or rectangle, then it would be easier and faster for the siding installers to do their job.

The Removal of Old Siding

If your current siding needs replacement, the siding experts must remove them before putting the new ones. Laying over the old siding with the news ones is not recommended especially if the old ones have fungi. Fungus can spread so the boards infested with such should be removed and replaced; restoration is not advisable or else, the new ones will suffer the same in the long run.


So these are the 4 factors to consider when considering the overall cost you need to spend for the siding. You can also ask your favorite professionals for an estimate just like the siding contractor in Grosse Ile Michigan.


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