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House alarm system - the very basics of home security

Updated on March 19, 2012

Home alarm system tips

The devices which make us feel safe at home are called house alarm systems, they were specially designed to monitor and signal any dangers. In the past there were few models available on the market but once the modern technology appeared the number of home alarm systems increased rapidly. What they do is make us feel safe in our own homes and protect us from burglars and any hazards that can appear. It is very important to determine what type of alarm system fits your home because they are quite expensive. It would be a good idea to consult a specialist in alarm systems.

House alarm system guide


There are a lot of house alarms systems and they all have a main function: to protect our house from intruders. These models have sensors which pick up any unusual movement and events. There are some models which offer an extra option: a call is made to the police or to your personal cell phone when the alarm detects something unusual going on in your home. If you want to buy a professional system you will also benefit of protection from fire or gas.


House alarm systems have a lot of features but there are three main models which are very popular today: we have the ones which have infrared detectors, the microwave detectors and glass break detectors. The alarms systems with infrared detectors are the ones which monitor the temperature in a room. The security alarm systems with microwave detectors are equipped with beams of radiation which track movement. The alarm systems with glass detectors monitor the windows. When the alarm hears glass breaking it starts to make noise.

Types of alarm systems

There are a lot of alarm systems but more than 50 % of the alarm systems available on the market are manufactured by two corporations: The Brink's Company and ADT Security Services. The two companies are the main providers of alarm systems in the world.

luxury residence with a home alarm system



There are a lot of advantages that come with having a house alarm systems. According to specialists the rate of home invasions has dropped thanks to these devices. They also say that because modern alarm systems detect fire and carbon monoxide leaks many people have been saved. If you install a house alarm system you will pay less on your house insurance.


There are not so many warnings when it comes to house alarm systems no matter if they are basic or wireless. The most common problem people have with security systems for home is the false alarm. There are many times when the system makes a mistake and sets on the alarm when there is no real danger. This problem occurs when the alarm has low battery, when a small animal comes near the house or when a branch hits the window.

There are a lot of things that you should know about house alarm systems if you want to install one in your own home. As you can see they have both advantages and disadvantages but you have to pick the ones that are right for you. If you seriously consider equipping your home with such devices look into this article for a more in depth analysis on what an alarm system can do.


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