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DIY House Water Purification System Installation

Updated on June 27, 2012

Why Do You Need Home DIY Water Purification?

It is quite a common occurrence for tap water to pick up contaminants while it makes its way to your house. This can include general sediments from within the pipes that guide the water to your house. You can also find traces of chlorines and chloramines that are a result of the water treatment. It is not unknown for contamination to include pesticides and herbicides from the original ground water along with some bacteria and viruses. Fluoride and heavy metals can also get into water, but these require specialized treatment and are more a responsibility of health and municipal authorities.

Store Bought Filters

A lot of store bought filters are available that use various techniques to filter water for a house water purification system. The one that you should buy for your house water purification project can depend on the nature of water that you get in your taps, the availability of power and finally the cost that you can afford. These water filters for home can be those with dual cartridges, which require regular cleaning and replacement, or those which use membranes for reverse osmosis. Even such membranes require cleaning and replacing. There are others that use ultra violet light to sterilize the water quite often, as a combination with either of the above two methods. Most of these store bought filters are very simple to fit and you can do it yourself with just a few tools. They come in housing that is always quite compact and just needs you to connect the filter to the municipal tap system. Make sure that you install a control valve on this before you connect to the filter. This is required in case you need to clean or replace the filters, membranes or even the entire unit. Also make sure that the outlet has a nearby place where water can be easily drained in case of mishaps.

Making Simple Filters for Water Purification

If you do have an aquarium in the house, it is required that you make doubly sure of the water that you have in it, because this has a direct effect on the health of the fish. A simple PVC house water filter can be made from a length of about 12 inches of 2 1/2 inch PVC pipe. Find a cap of the same size that you can use to close one end of the pipe. Drill a hole in this cap and then attach it to the end of the pipe with a silicone sealant. Put in a small diameter hose into the hole drilled in the cap. You can buy PolyFilter material at the local hardware store and use a piece of it, which you can roll and place inside the PVC pipe. Now let water into the pipe by pouring, so that you can control the flow. Let the small diameter hose into a container or the aquarium and the water that will come out of it will be treated and safe for your fish.

Making Simple Filters for House Water Purification: More Ideas

Clay pots can be used along with sand and gravel to make another simple water filter. You can also use drums of various sizes for the purpose. You will need one large container and one smaller container. The smaller container should have a hole at the bottom and should be able to rest atop the larger container. The larger container must have a hole about a foot and a half or more above the bottom. Make the hole in the smaller container to one side so that the water that falls through it touches the side of the larger container and water flows in without a free fall. Now fill the bottom of the larger container with gravel to a depth of about 3 inches. Now insert a pipe into the hole you have in the larger container and let it be embedded in the gravel. Now fill the larger container with clean sand to a depth of about 15 inches above the bottom of the container. You are now ready to start the filtration process. Fill the smaller container with water and let it drip through the hole at the bottom into the larger container. Continue filling it till the water level rises above the hose pipe entry and creates enough head for the water to start flowing out of it. The water you get will be sufficiently well filtered for you to use. If you plan to use this arrangement frequently you must be prepared to clean up the sand and gravel at regular intervals. Clean it up with fresh water and allow it to dry before putting it back in the containers. The water purified can be considered safe for drinking, though it is suggested that the water be further boiled to ensure its purity.

You can also make a cheap solar still for purifying water if you have an area that is constantly exposed to the sun. All that you will need is a metal, glass or other cover on a tank. Slope the cover so that it catches the sun at all times of the day. The cover needs a gutter at the bottom to collect the purified water. The sun's rays will heat up the water and the resultant vapor will condense on the cover and fall into the gutter to give you relatively pure water.

Using Chemicals for Water Purification

Two primary chemicals may be used to purify water. They are iodine and chlorine. Iodine has been known to kill bacteria and viruses. Its use can cause medical problems for pregnant women and usage of it should normally be done only for short periods. It does have an after taste which many people may not like. The other chemical that can be used for purification is chlorine bleach. 16 drops can be used of any unscented household bleach and the water allowed to stand for half an hour. Red Cross accepts this method for disaster areas where it may be an emergency requirement.

House water purification is a must if you have any doubts on the quality of water you are getting. It will let you sleep in peace.


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