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Tips and Hacks on Cleaning

Updated on March 27, 2015

How to clean gold and silver jewelry

  • Solid gold pieces can be a hustle sometimes, to make it easier, next time you want to clean them, put some baking soda on a cotton pad and get to cleaning !
  • For gold plated jewelry soap and water is enough because they are much more sensitive.
  • Brushed gold is a bit more different, to make it shine again rub it with onion juice, after which you can clean it with water and soap to get the smell off.
  • Silver jewelry is probably the easiest to clean, to make them shine again you can rub them with toothpaste and then clean them with tap water.
  • Another method to clean silver jewelry,if you do not have toothpaste at the moment, is to leave it in a glass of beer overnight, the next morning they will be shining like the sun.

How to clean carpets and rugs

  • A rule of thumb is that, if you do clean your own carpets and rugs always make sure you make a wet cleaning, regardless of the method,otherwise they will rip apart in time.
  • The most common used method is to mix water and soap in a bucket, and just brush the carpet or rug with it gently. After they are all soaped up, spray them with a hose to clean off the remaining soap.
  • If you live in a place where it snows often, you can take them out in the snow. Yes, just put them in the snow facing downwards, sprinkle some of it on top, and brush the snow into the carpet gently. When you are finished just pad it with the brush until the snow falls off.
  • To refresh the colors of a rug or carpet just rub it gently with water and vinegar.
  • To clean the carpet or rug without using any chemicals you can grate a couple of potatoes, boil them in water after which you have to leave them cool off for 3 hours. Afterwards, you have to strain the grated potatoes to get the remaining juice, that is what you will clean the carpet or rug with,using a brush. After it dries out you can clean the remaining potatoes bits with a vacuum cleaner.

How to clean Household Appliances

  • If you have one of those electric stoves, you should know that one easy way to clean it is to sprinkle baking soda on it and rub with a sponge. This method can also be used to clean the burned food that fell, after you unplug it and it cools down.
  • For a normal stove, the easiest and most common method used to clean the inside is, to heat it up for about 5 minutes after which you turn it down and place a bowl of water into it. In 5 to 10 minutes you can wipe it off with a dry rug and it will come off much easily because the vapors had already made it easy to dissolve.
  • To clean the inside of the fridge, you can use a mixture of vinegar diluted in water, this also works for the rubber fittings. Afterwards, you can clean it with water and soap to rid of the smell.

How to get rid of stains

  • The most common and fastest way to remove stains is to rub them with sparkling water.This works mostly for fruit,blood and red wine stains.
  • If the stains still not gone, you can dilute 2 spoons of vinegar and a bit of soap, in water. With this solution just rub the stain with a brush until it wears off.
  • Red wine stains you can clean by sprinkling some salt on the stain and wait for the salt to absorb the wine.Afterwards just brush the spot with a bit of sparkling water and it's gone.
  • If your rug has gum stuck onto it, you can fix it by placing a plastic bag full of ice cubes on top of it. This way the gum will freeze and you can break it off easily afterwards.
  • If your rug has tiny burn hole, no worries, there is a very easy way to fix it. From a normal part of the rug cut off some fibers with a razor blade, then you can glue them in the spot with problems,and put a weight on top to let the glue dry out.Afterwards take the weight away and nobody will even realize there used to be hole there.

How to maintain a pool

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