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Household Chemicals

Updated on August 8, 2013

Going Green

Household cleaning products can be potentially harmful to you and members of your family. In some instants , these chemicals can irritate your eyes, nose, throat, skin or or can cause long time health problems.

There are some ways you can stop being expose to some Chemicals. Always read labels and follow directions, never over use a produce. Never spray products near your face or your children and always make sure you wear plastic gloves. Always buy a small amount never gallons that will just sat there.

When using products with strong odors always open up windows doors or vents so a Flow of fresh air will enter into home. Always keep housing products out of the reach of children by locking drawer and door excusably. If swallowed these products can lead to serious illness or death.

Young children get into everything because they are curious and wants to know how thing work. Some of the safety ways to protect children is to look around our homes and see what can be harmful, read labels and buy supplies that we really need.

A lot of parents have a tendency of buying produces because of the name not because of how it cleans, the produce without the flashy name could be the best cleaner . As parents it's up to us to secure our homes for the safety of ourselves and our family.


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