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How Air Purifiers Can Help Pets like Dogs and Cats

Updated on October 30, 2012
Air Pollution concentrates about 4 feet off the floor where many Dogs breathe the air.
Air Pollution concentrates about 4 feet off the floor where many Dogs breathe the air.

Pets get Allergies too

People often do not realize that pets can get allergies too; especially indoors because our homes are enclosed and the pollution gets trapped. When you have pets in the house, you have additional odors and hair pollution that adds to the dead skin and other common air pollutants. A lot of pet dander pollution actually hovers right around the 3-4 foot mark, right in your pet's breathing space. So it is no surprise that under constant exposure to such pollution, you suddenly find your pets developing allergies and getting sicker.

Air Purifiers Can Reduce Pet Illness and Allergies

Air Purification technology has advanced greatly and is awesome at removing pollution in the air so its only natural that it helps remove many of the same pollutants that irritate pets and make them sicker. Active air purifiers that use ionization are particularly good purifiers for using in pet areas because they quickly knock particles out of the air. Air filtration systems are also effective but you may find yourself replacing filters frequently because of the increased pollution from pet dander that comes with owning a pet. Many air purifier companies market air purifiers specifically with pets in mind. We do not recommend most of these systems because they are usually lower end systems that cost more over the long term and have limited effectiveness.

Pets Need Regular Exposure to Outdoor Air

Pets should get lots of time outdoors. Even if you have a house pet, they need time outside breathing in fresh air and running around. This helps them to use their body and maintain internal health. It also gives them access to clean air that reduces the drain on their immune system. Pets that spend time outside regularly get a lot less sick than those that are always enclosed in the house.

Your Bad Habits Hurt Your Pets

It cannot be stressed enough that just as we are affected by pet pollution in the home, so they are affected by human's bad habits. This includes smoking and staying indoors all the time. If you are indoors all the time, so are your pets. At the very least, you owe it to your pet to get a good air purifier if you will be inside all the time. In fact, you should have a good air purifier even if you go out a lot. Don't gamble with you and your pet's health. Remember that they are heirs of life along with you and treat them well.


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