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How Bans & Communication Make My Properties Desired Part 1

Updated on January 19, 2018

Husky Pup

Contrary to what may be believed, I am an animal lover. However, I detest selfish, lazy and inconsiderate owners.
Contrary to what may be believed, I am an animal lover. However, I detest selfish, lazy and inconsiderate owners. | Source

As A Landlord, You Make The Rules

Whether part or full time, becoming a landlord is not for the faint of heart or those who have trouble enforcing rules. Often these types of landlords will suffer losses and be forced to quit or they will have to change their approach and reactions to those who cause problems.

To avoid problems, clearly communicating what you will not allow is extremely important. It is your property and you make the rules. If you advertise to the general public, you have more rules and laws to follow. I don't advertise to the general public and have tapped into frustrated renters who are typically friends of friends and acquaintances and I remain profitable and far less stressed than I was prior to a couple of my bans.

Some landlords are not well informed about banning certain activities and suffer needless numbers of headaches due to this. Look into the laws in your area. You will certainly not find a law that gives smokers the right to foul the air in their neighbor's homes. You will not find laws that give dog owners the right to allow their dogs to run off leash and attack people or laws that allow owners to refuse to pick up poop. You will not find laws that give people the right to disturb the peace with loud music. Nor will you find any laws that require you to rent to these selfish and inconsiderate people.

As a landlord, it's your property and it's your choice as to what you allow in and on your property. When you make prompt paying tenants happy without the above hassles, you will likely find longer occupancy times making you happy as well.

Ban Pets

I have found a very good niche of excellent tenants by banning three simple things that I have firsthand experience with hating when I was a very young tenant. Banning pets is the first of the three. Dogs and cats pose a variety of problems for other tenants due to inconsiderate, selfish and lazy owners. Not the least of these problems is feces.

It has been my experience that no matter how high, low or neutral the rents are, if you allow dogs and cats on your property, you and your tenants will have feces on the property as well. No lazy owner will own up to the fact that they refuse to pick up after their dog and this causes health and sanitation problems for everyone. I refuse to take samples of feces and match DNA in the feces to the DNA of dogs to catch the culprit and send letters and fines for this absolute nastiness. That is not a solution to the many problems of having dogs on your property. Yet, there are some property owners who go through this absolute BS or should I say DS?

I banned pets due to having a tenant with a dog that no one could seem to catch in their dereliction of duties after daily steaming piles within 6 inches of a well traveled sidewalk were swarmed with flies that accosted people in the face when ever anyone passed by. These same flies would leave the steaming piles and find their way into several of the rentals. After pets were banned, the steaming piles disappeared too.



Dogs Off Leash

Another problem of having dogs in or on your properties is that many owners allow their animals to run off leash even in areas where there are strict leash laws. I also had the misfortune of a woman having her dog running off it's leash come up to me and inspect my grocery bags with its nasty nose, fur, mucus, etc. Despite me telling her to get the dog on a leash and away from me and despite me never stopping and continually moving away, the dog still rubbed itself along my grocery bags and me repeatedly, all the while she called it's name. What sane person wants dog fur, mucus, and God knows what else on their groceries or grocery bags? I sure don't. I took great pleasure in getting this woman out of my property soon after as her lease was ending soon and I put the ban into place and she chose to keep her critter and leave.

Annoying Barking

An equally frustrating problem are the dog owners who buy dogs and leave these mostly active creatures locked up all day with no exercise. A tired dog is a good dog. Dogs that are not well worn with multiple bouts of daily exercise often turn out to be barkers, diggers and will often find other ways to destroy your property. This leaves your other tenants in for a rude surprise whether they're just trying to relax, are ill, have time off, are retired, etc. Your other tenants will likely complain to you about dogs barking or other noises being caused by dogs that are locked up and alone for extended periods while the owners are at work or even out of town. Some of your other tenants may complain to animal control but don't be surprised if they complain to you as well at all hours of the day or night.

Golden Retriever


More Problems With Dogs

All of the above are excellent reasons for banning pets in your property but there are other things to consider. Pets often leave odors, stains, fur/hair behind when their owners leave. Some can be removed with carpet cleaning, other times this is not possible. Most of these same owners will rebuff when told they must pay to replace carpet and padding. Consider if you are willing to deal with the extra hassles of having pets in your properties. Some pets will claw not only at furniture but at the very structure of your property as well. I've had doors, floors and walls that had deep gouges in them due to dogs and cats and a couple of owners who refused to pay without me threatening litigation prior to my ban.

Dogs and cats can also injure passersby even as their owners say things along the lines of he's nice, he just wants to get to know you. All of these are reasons that I refuse to allow pets on or in my properties and I am extremely strict about this. Not even "visiting" animals are allowed. I am lucky in part to have properties that I have filled by word of mouth so no, I don't legally have to take in service dogs because I do not market to the public and cannot run afoul of those laws. And a note about service dogs, I have noticed a very, very large uptick in people who flat out lie about their dog(s) being a service dog. Landlords beware! While I would imagine there could be authorities who could verify whether the dog brought before you is actually a service dog, I choose not to bother with any dogs whatsoever due to all the above reasons and hassles.

Happy Tenants = Happy Landlord

Because I tap into frustrated tenants who don't want the expenses or permanence of home ownership, I help these renters live with less stress than they have experienced or will experience elsewhere. Through thorough credit and background checks, I ensure that they are not only who they say they are but can afford my rentals. We each provide the other with what is not only needed but what is desired. Peaceful enjoyment of property for the tenants and prompt paying renters for me, the landlord.

© 2018 H C Palting


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    • Express10 profile image

      H C Palting 4 weeks ago from East Coast

      Thank you so much for reading. I truly love animals, huskies are my favorite but when you have anyone destroy or damage your property because they aren't a good owner it's beyond frustrating.

    • Frank Atanacio profile image

      Frank Atanacio 5 weeks ago from Shelton

      a good article express.. although I am a pet lover I do understand the reasoning...