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How to Clean Your Home Like a Professional Cleaner

Updated on September 15, 2017

Cleaning Like A Pro

A before and after picture of a laminate floor that the landlord was going to throw away before we cleaned it.
A before and after picture of a laminate floor that the landlord was going to throw away before we cleaned it. | Source

The Joys Of Cleaning

As someone who has been going into other peoples houses to clean for over 5 years, I can tell you that it is a job that is always challenging and that no two houses are ever the same.

Sometimes I can go into someones home and on first impressions ask myself "Why am I here? this house is spotless," it isn't until you actually start cleaning that you notice that although the house looks clean on the surface, there are a lot of things that have never actually been cleaned properly if they have ever been cleaned at all.

At other times I can walk into a home that looks like a bomb has exploded in it and wonder to myself how I am ever going to get it clean.

The strange thing is though, that the house that looks like a bomb has gone off in it often takes less time to clean than the house that looks spotless.

The best thing about being a professional cleaner is that you can see the difference that you are making to the clients property instantly.

In this article I will share some hints and tips on cleaning your home that will make it look like you have hired a professional Cleaner.

(Please note that there will be some graphic images of human waste in some before and after pictures in this article)

Deep Cleaning Like A Pro

some homes we go into are scary
some homes we go into are scary | Source

How To Start A Deep Clean In Your Home

The Secret to deep cleaning your home is to concentrate on one room at a time, in my case I always go back to front, start at the back of the house and work my way to the front of the house, upstairs and downstairs.

Time is another element to consider, to deep clean a three bedroom home with 2 bathrooms can take a long time if you are considering deep cleaning your home give yourself at least an hour for each room and even more time if you are sorting through your possessions with a view to keep or throw away.

Before starting on any of my home cleans the first thing I do is go around all of the bathrooms in the home and pour some bleach down the toilets, baths, showers and sinks and leave it to soak in whilst cleaning the rest of the home, this makes cleaning these areas a lot easier when you get to them.

Deep Cleaning A Bedroom, Lounge, or Dining Room

Things that you will need before deep cleaning a Bedroom, Lounge or Dining Room

  • A stepladder
  • Hot soapy water
  • Window and glass cleaner
  • A vacuum cleaner for carpets or a broom and mop for wooden laminate, or tiled flooring
  • Furniture polish
  • Clean cloths

When cleaning any room, you should always start at the top and work your way down, simply because dust and dirt fall down as you clean and you will end up cleaning things more than once if you do it any other way. Always start with the ceiling and work your way to the floor. Of course because you are going to be using a step ladder you should always remove any toys, clothes or clutter from the floor before you begin.

Start off by removing any cobwebs from the ceiling and overhead light fittings.

In my business and in my own home I always use a Henry or a Hettie hoover when cleaning simply because it is a powerful cleaner and the attachments allow you to reach anywhere in the home including the ceiling and it is ideal for removing cobwebs from the ceilings and borders.

Then take a cloth which has been soaked in the soapy water and wash around the ceiling border, please take care and ensure someone is available to hold the step ladder for you as you do this.

Remove the lamp shade from the over head lighting and wipe it clean with a dry cloth, then if you prefer give the light bulb a wipe down too, again make sure that the cloth is dry.

Use your soapy water again to wipe down the walls, if your walls are painted try a small test patch to ensure that the paint will not come off during cleaning.Then take a damp cloth over any shelving or picture frames that are hanging on the walls.

Windows come next, Top Tip: For the perfect shine and streak free windows buy some car screen wash and dilute a small amount into a spray bottle with water, Spray on windows and mirrors and wipe off, use an old T/shirt to wipe them clean.

Wipe down any light switches with a damp cloth to remove fingerprints and marks, remembering wall sockets and door handles too.

Use your soapy water and a clean cloth to wash around base boards.

Vacuum carpets or sweep and mop floor.

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Light switches are often overlooked when cleaning

sweat from fingers often leaves marks on light switches.
sweat from fingers often leaves marks on light switches. | Source

An Extreme Clean Toilet

This toilet took a lot of bleach and a lot of Scraping to bring it back to a usable condition.
This toilet took a lot of bleach and a lot of Scraping to bring it back to a usable condition. | Source

Deep Cleaning a Bathroom

As with any room, start the bathroom from top to bottom, ceiling, light fittings walls for tiled or paneled walls hot soapy water will give them the perfect shine. remove shower curtain and put in a low temperature wash in your machine.

Clean glass shower doors and mirrors with the same car wash solution you have previously used on windows and mirrors, it is also good for tiled walls if you prefer that to soapy water. Never forget to wipe around and clean door handles, especially in your bathroom.

Use hot soapy water to scrub down the bath tub, if it doesn't fully clean the bath add some bleach to the mix. remember to rinse out the bath thoroughly if you do.

if you started the same way as I do there will already be bleach in the bath, shower and toilet making it a lot easier and quicker to clean.

Hot soapy water again to clean bath panels and base boards.

Hopefully your toilet will not be in the same condition as the one that we cleaned pictured above and all it will need is a quick wipe down with bleach and a cloth remember that the toilet bowl has both an inside and an outside and that both need to be cleaned.

Finally sweep and mop the floor

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen


Mr Muscle makes cleaning ovens and stoves easy

Deep Cleaning Your Kitchen

Deep cleaning your Kitchen is probably the most difficult and time consuming job you will have to do around the home but if you do it methodically you can cut the time and effort down easily.

The first job that I do is to spray the cooker with Mister Muscle oven and grill cleaner, always wear gloves when using this product because it burns if it touches your skin, you should also cover your mouth and nose with a damp tea towel because the smell of it can go to your chest leading to a nasty coughing fit.

Apart from that if left for an hour at least 90% of any grease or stuck on food will come off at the wipe of a cloth without any scrubbing.

Again as with any room you should begin at the top and work your way down, ceiling, light fittings walls windows and wall hangings.

Over head kitchen cabinets

Do one kitchen cabinet at a time, empty it, wash it inside and out with hot soapy water and clean any dishes that are inside, this is also a good excuse to get rid of those food items that you bought 10 years ago and never used. Replace the items into the cabinet and go on to the next one.

Empty your refrigerator and clean inside with hot soapy water, add a little disinfectant to ensure that no germs are left then replace the items that you took out.

Wipe down with a damp cloth your washer, dryer, dish washer and any other large appliances in your home pull them out from the wall and do the top front and sides, whilst they are pulled out clean the floor where they usually sit.

Clean small appliances with soapy water such as microwave ovens coffee makers, toasters and kettles.

Top Tip! For those shiny stainless steel appliances add a drop of cooking oil to your water for a streak free shine.

Kitchen tiles can be cleaned using the same car screen wash as above to give them a great shine, also works on marbled counter tops and tiled floors.

Clean your pre-sprayed oven use a scourer where necessary.

Bottom cabinets and drawers, same as top empty, clean, refill.

Clean worktops and sinks.

Sweep and mop floor.

It sounds difficult and time consuming but if you get into a habit of methodical cleaning it saves a lot of time and effort.

© 2017 James Paterson


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    • annart profile image

      Ann Carr 6 weeks ago from SW England

      Now I feel exhausted just reading this!

      Great advice, Jimmy. The car wash solution is a good one. I voted bathroom for the least liked room to clean - it's so fiddly. However, it feels great to see everything clean and shiny when all the rooms are finished so it's definitely worth it.

      At the moment we're living in a house under refurbishment - dust everywhere and I'm constantly trying to keep that down. Oh for the end of rubbing down, sawing, fitting, making do and never managing to find anything! The end is in sight though, thank goodness.

      Good to read something from you again!


    • sallybea profile image

      Sally Gulbrandsen 6 weeks ago from Norfolk

      Some great tips and advice, thank you. When can I expect you?

    • Nell Rose profile image

      Nell Rose 6 weeks ago from England

      Okay, you got the job, I will be in tomorrow.....LOL! great advice and I learned new stuff too!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 6 weeks ago

      I agree with Susan on the car wash soap. Getting soap scum off glass is difficult. I will give it a try. Thanks for all the ideas and suggestions on deep cleaning. One room at a time sounds good and will help you feel like something was accomplished.

    • lrc7815 profile image

      Linda Crist 6 weeks ago from Central Virginia

      Great hub Jimmy and I learned some new tricks. Now, will you come show me how to do it? lol

    • ChitrangadaSharan profile image

      Chitrangada Sharan 6 weeks ago from New Delhi, India

      Some very useful tips and suggestions!

      I usually do the cleaning of kitchen and bathrooms regularly to avoid the stubborn spots and dirt. Bathroom cleaning is the toughest cleaning I believe and it must be done everyday.

      Very useful and informative hub . Thanks for sharing!

    • Just Ask Susan profile image

      Susan Zutautas 6 weeks ago from Ontario, Canada

      You have some great tips here Jimmy. This is the first time I've ever heard about using a car wash solution in the home. I'll definitely give this a try. Now with all that said would you like to come to Canada and give my home a thorough cleaning?