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How Could This Happen???

Updated on September 20, 2011

The Search

It was an extremely hot summer day when a married couple began searching for a new residence. Their search ended when they found the perfect apartment home in a smaller town. The couple visited with the apartment home's manager, learning this particular apartment home was limited to senior adults aged fifty-five or older. This was not a problem for the man because he had just experienced his fifty-fifth birthday. The man's wife was only forty-three at the time of this initial inquiry. The man and his wife each produced photo identification of age and current residence.

The apartment home's manager told the man that his wife's younger age would not be an issue because he was legally married to the forty-three year old woman. The couple was shown an apartment and placed on a waiting list for an available apartment. The couple paid a partial deposit payment as well as the required application fee. The funds and the application were accepted. The couple left with an excited adrenaline flow in anticipation of their new apartment home.

Preparations Begin

Exactly one month later, the forty-three year old woman experiences her own birthday. The couple is still waiting for an opening at the apartment home. The couple begins to prepare for their upcoming move. They sell, discard, or give away items they do not anticipate needing or wanting when they move into their new apartment home.

Moving Day Is Closer

Six weeks later, the apartment home's manager informs the couple of an available dwelling. The couple begins making arrangements to hire a moving company to pack and move their belongings. The couple unofficially informs their current apartment manager their intent to move. The couple's current apartment manager is bewildered due to the fact the apartment home's manager did not contact him for a rental reference.

The Bubble Bursts

During the phone conversation with the apartment home's manager on the day of notice of an available apartment, the fifty-five year old man asks the apartment home's manager what would happen to his wife if he were to pass away before his wife turns fifty-five. The apartment home's manager had no clear answer. The apartment home's manager asked this same question of the apartment home's owners. The apartment home's owners, then, tells the apartment home's manager the forty-four year old wife is not eligible to live in their dwelling due to her age. This is totally inconsistent with what this couple was told during the initial visit to the property.

Did This REALLY Happen?

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Broken Promises and Unethical Business Practices

The couple's pet was accepted. The fifty-five year old man was accepted. The forty-four year old wife was initially accepted. The apartment home reneged on their promise to allow this couple to move into their complex despite their initial knowledge of the wife's age.

© Tammy L 2011


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