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How Does Your Hammock Hang

Updated on January 4, 2011

A Hammock To Love

I can honestly say that my hammock is one of my most favorite things.

From the moment we dismantled worn swings from an old barn wood frame in our yard, I knew it was to be the perfect spot for my hammock. Trees hug the frame and it sits back in an unused alcove of our property. I was picturing my own private Secret Garden. I didn't own one, but that was soon to change. When a co-worker mentioned a hammock she wanted to get rid of, I was practically jumping up and down. It was fitted to the barn wood frame and is now one of the most used possessions I have.

So many hammocks to choose from!

Uses for Your Hammock

Not as if anyone needs help finding uses for a hammock, but, in case you think it is just for napping, here are some suggestions.

- reading
- snuggling with hubby
- contemplating life
- working on writing project
- writing letters
- playing with puppies
- rocking grand-kids
- sleeping off colds

and in general, my hammock gives me the mental destressing I have found invaluable.  If you have a significant other, you will want to make sure you choose a hammock you both will fit comfortably in.


Simple Choices For Your Hammock

It may sound silly, but even when going on a trip, I would wonder if they would have a hammock and if it was free-standing or from trees; if it was a full cotton material, or a fish-net style.

That is part of the fun of getting your hammock; deciding if you want a free-standing frame, or if you have two trees you can utilize, if you will have a full hammock or a swing. What type of material will the hammock be made out of, and best of all, what are the many ways you will utilize your new hammock.

Take the time for yourself and discover how laying back and listening to the wind rustling the leaves can leave you with at least a short time of peace and calming freedom.

The best medicine may be choosing to have your own Secret Garden.

Enjoy choosing your own special hammock!


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