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How Long Does It Take to Grow Grapes?

Updated on September 23, 2010

How Long Does It Take to Grow Grapes?

Grape harvesting has lately been catching the fancy of many people worldwide. The reasons for it may differ though. Different people will be drawn to grow grapes as they are really tasty and the entire activity can be really enjoyable. There are some people that will grow grapes so that they produce wine. The two common cases are commercial use and personal use. You do need to know the time that is needed to grow a grape variety where you live even before starting planting.

Time necessary for grape growing is different for different species. You need to first decide what you intend to do with the grapes you grow. Think about using grapes for personal consumption or wine making. In both cases we need different grape species and this brings in different growing periods. The first thing that needs to be down is narrowing down the list of varieties that you might want to grow in your personal vineyard. However, if grapes have to be grown for wine making and consumption you have to plant vines of different varieties separately. These varieties stand out as unique and you can not use them in any way.

Factor number two has to be the noticed climate. Due to the fact that most grapes will grow properly in warmer environments you can choose many more varieties if you live in warmer locations. However, if you stay in colder regions then it limits your choice to a select few varieties that can grow in the cold weather.

You also need to take a close look at diseases and insects that will harm the harvests. There is a need to conduct an adequate research about insects that will harm harvests and diseases that can affect the plants. It is better to always be prepared and hold good information instead of just rushing into any venture and ending up with regrets.

A grapevine will need around 3 years till it can produce good grapes. However, there are some varieties which give juicy grapes in two years too. Grapevines generally live for nearly 70 years, so once your crop is ready you can keep getting grapes for generations to eat.

You should ideally first choose the grape variety that would grow well in your locality. After you have narrowed down on the variety you wish to grow, do adequate research on it. Study all the insects that can be harmful, the diseases possible, soil needed and look at the time that has to pass since grapes will grow based on your personal choices. Due to the fact that you are getting information beforehand you can easily start preparing for any crisis that might appear and you will gain really good and juicy grape harvests.


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