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How Solar Garden Lights Benefit You at Home

Updated on March 13, 2015

Solar garden lights make a lovely addition for any outdoor area. There are many designs and colors to choose from. Any type of outdoor lighting is a good idea. There are specific advantages with lights that are powered by the sun.


Advantages of Solar Garden Lights

One of the advantages may be obvious. They add nothing to your electricity bill. This also makes them more environmentally friendly than other alternatives. The lamps include a battery. The location of the battery varies depending on the design. A voltaic solar cell is attached to the battery. As the sun shines during the day, the battery charges up. The charge usually lasts all night. The batteries can be replaced if they stop holding a charge, but they usually last a long time.


Another big advantage has to do with installation. There are no wires to bury, nothing to plug in. They work after being in sunlight for about a full day. They come in many shapes and sizes. They can be placed in a row, but other patterns can be used because they are not connected by cords. You don’t need to hire an electrician. You can do it yourself.

Security and Safety Shared by All Garden Lighting

Security is one of the biggest advantages of outdoor lighting of all kinds. Burglars love a dark exterior. They can hide in the shadows when they see headlights approaching. They can wait until the coast is clear to pry open a door or a window. It is a good idea to put some kind of light in any heavily shadowed spots around your home.



Another big advantage is safety. Most accidents occur in or around the home. Walking down a dark pathway can be dangerous. Falls are common. Outdoor lights make it safer to walk to your home from the driveway or sidewalk. Placing lighting adjacent to walkways will make everyone that goes in and out of your home safer. In addition to enhancing safety and security, outdoor lighting also helps to keep pests like possums and raccoons away from the house.

Choosing Garden Lights

Choosing garden lights has much to do with personal preference. It is a good idea to think about your space. A light that is too large for the space will be somewhat overwhelming.


One of the nice things about solar, specifically, is that the light is not harsh or excessively bright. They are usually small enough to add beauty without being annoying or detracting from the outdoor environment.


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