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How Solar Power Systems Can Be Profitable For Your Home

Updated on March 7, 2015
Solar Power Systems Are Great Energy Savers
Solar Power Systems Are Great Energy Savers | Source

Solar power systems are becoming more and more popular as energy costs continue to skyrocket and homeowners’ budgets are stretched to the max. It is becoming much more difficult to rely on traditional energy sources such as oil and coal, both in financial terms and because of their effect on the environment. For this reason, many people are leaning toward cleaner, renewable energy sources.

The Power of the Sun for Solar Energy

First on the list of these sources is solar power. It makes perfect sense, as the sun is a part of our everyday life, to tap into this large, self-sustaining power source for our own energy needs. Unfortunately, up until now the time, effort and technology it takes to harness the power of the sun has made a truly solar home less than feasible for most people.

While the production and installation costs can be significantly higher than those of traditional energy methods, using solar panels to power your home can actually save you a great deal of money in the long run. The trick is paying careful attention to exactly how you use your home’s power and tailoring your solar system to best fit those needs.

Types of Solar Power Systems

There are two basic types of solar power systems for home use, photovoltaic and solar thermal. A photovoltaic system converts the energy of the sun directly into electrical current that can be used to power small appliances and even your home’s lights. While this can reduce your electric bill noticeably, it may not provide you with all of the power you need for your everyday needs, leaving you to pick up the slack with a secondary power source.


The Solar Thermal System

A solar thermal system, on the other hand, is mainly used to heat your home. This is where solar power can truly be profitable for the average homeowner. Because converting solar energy into heat is much more cost effective and efficient than traditional power sources, it can result in a significant decrease in your overall energy costs. In this case, a solar home can be a real budget saver.


Not only can solar energy help you to reduce consumption, it can save you as much as 80% on your home or office heating bills. Given the state of today’s economy and the fact that many people are struggling to make ends meet, this kind of savings simply cannot be ignored. The money you save on oil or gas can be channeled into other parts of your budget, helping to keep your head above water.

Protecting the Environment

When you add in the fact that solar power systems also help to greatly reduce the wear and tear on our environment, the initial instillation expense is well worth it. This is a form of energy that renews itself and does not produce hazardous output such as smoke, leaving the air breathable and the earth intact.


There is no reason to continue relying on energy resources that are damaging to the environment. Do your homework and you can put the power of the sun to work for you and save yourself a considerable amount of money in the process. It’s a win-win situation and one that no homeowner can afford to overlook


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